NEW KDHamptons Diary: Stunning Sag Harbor Animal Lover Kay Sheils!





KDHamptons recently caught up with stunning Sag Harbor resident Kay Sheils, a successful Investment Banker AND a Dog Rescue Volunteer. Kay has been a frequent “part-timer” in the Hamptons since she moved to NYC 12 years ago, and a quasi-full time resident of Sag Harbor for the past 3 ½ years.


Kay tells KDH, “Back when I was a “weekend warrior,” the Hamptons provided a respite from frenetic New York City life.  But now that I live and work out East, I appreciate what a truly special place it is – charming villages offer a small town feel, and yet are full of interesting and accomplished people.”  Enjoy Kay’s KDHamptons Diary below and spread the word about Canis Vox~ let’s find these devoted dogs a new Hamptons home!





KDHamptons: What do you love most about the Hamptons?

Kay: The community is very supportive of local endeavors–whether they are in the arts, or new businesses, or animal rescue, which is dear to my heart. I see more pet dogs that have been rescued in the Hamptons than anywhere else! Also, natural beauty is also a huge part of what I love about the Hamptons – I feel lucky to drive through farm fields and Hither Hills to work each day, to walk my dogs on beautiful beaches, and to socialize with friends at vineyards and waterfront hangouts.





KDHamptons: How would you describe what you do as a career for our readers.

Kay: In my “day job,” I work as an investment banker at a boutique financial firm.  I help small and mid-sized companies identify capital to grow or optimize their business.

In my “other job,” I devote a significant amount of time to dog rescue, working to help grass-roots organizations through my platform, Canis Vox. Our tag line is “Connecting those who love dogs with those who help dogs.”  We identify smaller rescue efforts focused on high-kill communities that follow best practices, but who could benefit from more resources or visibility – and we help them in a number of ways.



KDHamptons: How did you get involved with Canis Vox?

Kay: My personal involvement in rescue began a few years ago, after I learned of a horrific situation at the county shelter where my dogs were rescued, and then, more broadly, of similar atrocities across the country each day.  Selfishly, I delved into rescue because it was the only thing that helped alleviate the resulting heartache I felt.

Canis Vox evolved as a focal point to aggregate support from people – initially friends and family, and now a larger, growing network of dog-lovers – who generously listened to my impassioned call to arms and were eager to help–but didn’t know how or where or who to help.  Rescue is a very fragmented world, and rather than splinter the support we were generating into yet another organization, we focused on helping multiple, existing rescues grow stronger.

Since inception, we have helped several deserving organizations with needs ranging from business matters (such as incorporating, preparing budgets, or finding a website designer), to fundraising events for key initiatives (like construction of multiple safe haven facilities), to expanding other groups’ adoption capabilities (by recruiting new Hamptons/NYC fosters, or creating partnerships between NY-based and SC- & NC-based groups).  Canis Vox volunteers even take on fostering and adoptions ourselves – my own household always has an extra furry friend or two!





KDHamptons: How can Hamptonites meet/adopt the rescues you work with?

Kay: For Hamptonites who would like to learn more about rescue and how they can volunteer – Canis Vox is happy to help them get involved with one of the organizations we assist. Volunteers can help in any number of ways–fostering, transport, legal services, web design, and press, to name a few.

For Hamptonites who would like to adopt a dog, Canis Vox can help them find their new best friend.  Because we liaise with multiple rescues, we can generally find the right dog for each person.  We also provide advice and support for first-time doggy parents getting started.  Prospective adopters are welcome to contact us at, and we can help them get started on their search.





KDHamptons: So when you are not busy saving animals, describe what your perfect Hamptons day looks like?

Kay: It would start with our morning ritual of walking the dogs down to Sylvester’s for coffee and catching up with the usual suspects gathered outside.  In warm weather, we might move on to a dog-inclusive afternoon at Sunset Beach, or in colder weather, a beach run followed by a stop at Cavaniola’s cheese store for their five-year Gouda and the Milk Pail for their apple cider (hot buttered rum is a terrific winter drink!).  A fun boozy dinner with friends would cap off the evening [above]—at home, if my inner chef was inspired by something at the farmer’s market – or out, at some wonderful Hampton’s restaurant we are overdue to visit.







KDHamptons: Do you like to entertain at home? Who cooks? What’s your “go-to” dinner plan?

Kay: I absolutely love entertaining at home – mine or others! I’m lucky to have a wonderful group of friends who come to the Hamptons year-round.  We jokingly refer to ourselves as the Hamptons Social Club.  It started one cold January weekend a few years back.  Between current friends and soon-to-be friends, there were over 20 of us – far too many for a restaurant reservation or for one person’s impromptu cooking duties.  So we started what is now an ongoing, decadent series of potluck dinner parties, filled with amazing food and wine.  Everyone brings something excellent, and no one has to spend all day in the kitchen.



Our Hamptons Social Club at a black tie affair last summer.



KDHamptons: What is your favorite Hamptons restaurant, got a favorite dish & drink you get every time?

Kay: I’m a big fan of restaurants with outdoor dog-friendly dining!  I love the beautiful courtyards at Tutto Il Giorno in Sag Harbor or Southampton, where I get the tritata salad, which is full of chopped vegetables, and the delicious spicy sausage rigatoni.  Dockside’s patio is another favorite among fellow dog-owning friends.  When it’s too cold to be outside, Fresno in East Hampton is a great spot – the food is consistently excellent (particularly the pork chop, in a seasonally-changing preparation), and Michael Nolan has introduced us to several fantastic off-the-run wines.



Tutto Southampton



Fresno in East Hampton



KDHamptons: Please describe your Hamptons’ home and decorating style? Favorite item?

Kay: Growing up in coastal historic Savannah, I was greatly influenced by British Colonial style. It melds English heritage with warm climates, and blends traditional pieces with exotic textures and forms found in the West Indies, Asia, and Africa.





My favorite home items include a white patterned bed coverlet from Lynda Sylvester’s beautiful store in Sag Harbor, which she sourced from women weavers in Southeast Asia; my coffee table, which was created from an old English gun box; and my Environment platform bed made from reclaimed Amazonian peroba wood.





KDHamptons:  Do you travel much in the winter season?

Kay: My winter plans nearly always include a lot of travel, but after a very travel-filled November and December, I made a quick visit home to Savannah for Christmas with my family, and was relieved to spend New Year’s with good friends right here in the Hamptons.  We rang in midnight at a fun dinner at Pierre’s in Bridgehampton, and spent the rest of that weekend entertaining at home in Sag Harbor by the fire.  Of course, without fail, I make the requisite Southern New Year’s food – Hoppin’ John (for luck) and collard greens (for money).





KDHamptons: What do you love most about the off-season on the East End?

Kay: What I enjoy most about the off season in the Hamptons is:  1) fall leaves and harvest festivals, and 2) being able to get into my favorite restaurants without booking weeks in advance!



KDHamptons: Tell us about two special dogs that are looking for a loving Hamptons home?



Kay: Please meet “Air” KINGSTON! A 2.5 yr old little boy [above], 16 pounds, beagle/terrier mix. Funny, happy and spirited fella. Loves a good game of chase with doggie buddies. Kingston is looking for a loving family to give him a forever home. He is fine with cats. Heartworm negative, up to date on all shots, neutered – ready to go!  Contact me at or 646 554 7816 for more info!





And this is BANJO –  A male POINTER – what a gorgeous dog! He is appx 1.5 years old
Super friendly – gets excited to play with other dogs, pretty mellow at home. Foster family says he’s a sweetheart.  Good in a car – ducks his head each time they drive below an underpass :-)  Paid no attention to a visitor’s cat, so appears to be good with them.
appx 55 pounds.


For more information on Canis Vox go to: