My Cotswolds style wearing Anabel Aram Jewelry

Nestled in the heart of Palm Beach, Florida, Anabel Aram Jewelry embodies the essence of nature’s beauty, intricately crafted into timeless pieces of fashion jewelry. Launched in 2023 by acclaimed artist Michael Aram, Anabel Aram Jewelry is designed in Palm Beach and joyfully captures the casual-chic vibe and sunny spirit of the island. After creating a custom butterfly charm for his daughter, Anabel, acclaimed artist Michael Aram was inspired to design a jewelry collection along with Creative Director Savanna Hoge (below), comprising of pieces which reflect Anabel’s joyful spirit and effortless sense of style.

Although modern in essence, Anabel Aram Jewelry is rooted in age-old craft traditions and a love for the handmade process. Meticulously crafted using premium materials such as 18k gold plated brass, natural pearls, hand-painted enamel, and hand-set crystals, our jewelry reflects the harmony and balance of nature’s design while embodying modern sophistication. Committed to sustainability, the brand minimizes their environmental footprint by sourcing ethically and responsibly.

Creative Director of Anabel Aram, Savanna Hoge

“The collection is a labor of love, a celebration of family, and a reflection of the beauty inherent in the natural world. Joyful, confident, and original are words which capture Anabel’s personality and that define the ethos of her eponymous jewelry collection.” Shop the full collection HERE.

Had to bring my new Orchid Bangle and Triple Fan Palm Dangle Earrings (below) on my recent trip to England.