NEW KDHamptons Design Diary: Tips for a Modern Beach House by Dale B. Cohen



Dale's room at this year's Hamptons Designer Showhouse



Dale B. Cohen knows how to design the modern Hamptons beach house. KDHamptons first discovered Dale’s talents at the Hamptons Designer Showhouse. Layering different tones of the traditional Hamptons blue and white palate, Dale can transform a cozy cottage into a contemporary work of art.



Dale Cohen Design Studio offers interior renovation, design, and decoration. Dale also writes a design and lifestyle blog, BACHELOR by dale, where she shares her experiences in her expertise in designing for men. She shares, “We see the potential to rethink, re-imagine, embellish or simplify a residence. The design process begins and ends with the client.” Check out Dale’s NEW KDHamptons Design Diary below:



Dale B. Cohen






The backdrop of Dale Cohen's showhouse room



KDHamptons: Dale, what do you think is the most popular design trend in the Hamptons right now?

Dale: I think the trend is really about simple elegance, imbued with fabulous art. Because the Hamptons is really NYC outpost, the modern style of chic city dwellers and their love of art, in all its forms, makes its way out to the East End.



KDHamptons: Will blue and white ever go out of style here?

Dale: At their roots, the Hamptons are a series of beach towns, showcasing the ocean and bays as their backdrop. Because of this, a blue and white design palate will never go out of style.



Hamptons Designer Showhouse



KDHamptons: What inspired your room at the showhouse?

Dale: The space chosen for my room is one of movement, there are few inherent moments of stasis. Through the process it became an art gallery specifically for a residential setting. The combination of movement and art inspired me to create a large sculptural piece for the room. Working with John Houshmand we developed the Monumental Lantern [below]. Standing 8’8” tall and just shy of 5 ft in diameter, created from 1/8” microplaned wood, translucent plexi and carbon fiber rods. The lantern stands silently glowing, compressing the space in the corner, effortlessly floating … Making her dramatic entry only as you arrive at the stair landing. The room is calm and elegant, simple in the placement of all of the elements, restrained with unexpected complexity.





KDHamptons: What is your final signature touch when you have completed a clients home?

Dale: Always art work – which can be from family photos, to flea market finds, to a collection of glass, or a selection of art purchased for your home. It is art and photos of family and friends that make your house a home.



Scent of Spring by Kerri Rosenthal, oil on canvas;



KDHamptons: Please share some of your favorite blue and white items available now that KDH readers can purchase for their homes?

Dale: Sure thing!


RO Wing Chair by Fritz Hansen, $3,150 via



Swedish Rug by Doris Leslie Blau, $22,000 via



Wirkkala Lamps by Tapio Wirkkala, Price Upon Request via



West Elm Chain Crewel Pillow Cover, $39 via



Missoni Throw Blanket, $445 via



Roberta Roller Rabbit Amanda table top set;



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