NEW KDHamptons Beauty Obsession: Ayurvedic Hair Oils by Addicted Beauty

As we all have more time to spare on our hands for self-care new beauty trends are emerging, including Hair Oils, which are not only great for your hair and scalp health, but also for your wellness. Addicted Beauty 100% Natural Hair oils have been formulated according to the Ayurvedic principles. The 7th Chakra is in your head/crown. It is the most important Chakra. Hair Oils are meant to invoke that and that helps with the ultimate relaxation and at the same time it opens your awareness to your surroundings. The effect is achieved by applying hair oils as they are meant to be massaged into your scalp.

With roots in the Indian subcontinent Rida Khan, founder of Addicted Beauty went back to her wonderful memories as a child with her grandmother who used to formulate hair oils in house using centuries old formulas that had been passed down to her. “ I have wonderful memories of my grandmother putting 100% Natural oils using the Ayurvedic principles in her recipes in my hair and following it with a nice head massage – it was so therapeutic and also did wonders for my hair and scalp and overall wellness,” said Khan.

The 100% Natural Hair oil starts with 11 different kinds of hair oils, each with their own blends that are very specific to the hair issue someone is having. They are as follows: 

  1. Jasmine Natural Hair Oil – Relief for Dry + Stressed out hair, helps with Insomnia
  2. Problem-Solving Natural Hair Oil- Ancient Blend for Problematic Scalp
  3. Indian Gooseberry Hair Oil – Natural Hair Thickener 
  4. The Reset – Restores your Hair + Scalp, Prevents Dandruff + Split ends, Calming 
  5. The Luster – Ancient Ayurveda Blend to make hair shiny, Soft and Manageable
  6. The Fortifying
  7. PH Balancing 
  8. The Nourisher 
  9. The Booster 
  10. Fortifying 
  11. Natural Youth Elixir

“Each of our hair oil is so natural you can actually drink it! We do not even put in artificial fragrances – everything is natural and grown in my family farms. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did growing up” said Rida Khan. These are available for purchase at Macys, and direct at