NEW KDHamptons Beauty Diary: Legendary "Skinovator" Dangene



Beauty and skincare guru, Dangene, realized her passion for skin transformation and re-imagination at a young age.  Having suffered from severe acne, she “made it her mission to invent the future of skin care”.  After many years of intense research, she created dangene: The Institute of Skinovation, which combines next-wave technology with a seamlessly integrated comprehensive approach to delivering healthy, highly-functioning skin that glows from head to toe.


The glistening Institute of Skinovation in NYC re-imagines skin care by employing one of the most advanced set of protocols to total skin transformation in the industry.  This exclusive method treats aging and chronically stressed skin conditions while jumpstarting the skin’s natural ability to repair itself by combining the latest science and medical-grade, anti-aging technologies—including lasers, LED and oxygen machines, stem cells—with technical artistry.  Not unlike a personal training schedule, Dangene custom-tailors a circuit-training program to transform skin, designed around the lifestyle, needs and schedule of her clients.  Learn more about the “Skinovator” in her new KDHamptons Beauty Diary, below: 

KDHamptons: We love the idea of a Skinovator, please describe what they do?

Dangene: The institute employs a mix of aestheticians, doctors and nurses who collectively serve as a bridge between the seemingly disconnected worlds of beauty and medicine – providing clients with a holistic service not available anywhere else. (
The Institute of Skinovation attracts best-of-class practitioners in the skin care business.  Every member of the team of Skinovators lives by and is dedicated to the art of transforming skin.


KDHamptons: Living in the cold winters and sunny summers of the Hamptons can wreak havoc on the skin. Which treatments would suit country girls best?

Dangene: The Institute of Skinovation operates like a “personal trainer for the skin,” relieving clients of the burden of navigating a fragmented industry, where the onus is on the client to pick and choose from a myriad of practitioners and treatments.  Unlike the typical spa, Dangene’s Institute of Skinovation uses a customized combination of light-wave technology, lasers, serums, oxygen and other treatments to restore and revitalize skin, eliminating the need for harmful medications that can pose serious side effects.  Skin Rejuvenation Treatment (SRT) – a holistic process geared to each client’s unique skin – is the Institute’s core offering, a distinction that effectively sets the brand apart from dermatologists who merely dabble in what the Institute upholds as an art form. (


KDHamptons: What are your top three miracle products and what do they do?

Dangene: Obagi Exfoderm (2oz. $68): Exfoderm is a lightweight lotion that helps exfoliate the top layer of the skin, removing dull, old skin cells. It also stimulates the production of new cells .You’re left with a brighter smoother complexion. Dangene has used this product and has recommended it for 25 years.

Orlane Creme Royal Neck and décolleté cream (1.7oz $360): With 24 karat gold and royal jelly as this product’s secret to the skin’s youth-renewing glow, this product caters to even the most demanding skin types
• It reduces wrinkles, prevents and improves skin slackening, and helps lighten sun spots
• Dangene uses this product 2x a day

Circ Cell Anti-Aging Oil, Jacqueline’s blend (1oz. $160): Super hydrating oil perfect for the changing weather. It combats inflammation, supports healthy collagen and improves skin elasticity and suppleness. This product just came on the market and is an instant favorite

KDHamptons: Do you have a fall incentive to offer new KDHamptons clients? 

Dangene:  Yes, The Institute of Skinovation is pleased to offer their proprietary serum to the first ten KDH readers who book an appointment and mention KDHamptons.  A $325 value, this unique and rejuvenating spray serum contains an infusion of antioxidants, hydrating and anti-aging ingredients, and anti-glycation ingredients to help exfoliate, purify and hydrate all skin types.

Location: 66 EAST 55TH STREET, 6TH FLOOR, NEW YORK, NY 10022; 212 249 8172