NEW KDH Design Diary: Kate Pickett, Founder of Luxury Letterpress & Engraving Design Studio, Pickett's Press



“I’ve been coming to the Hamptons since birth,” shares Kate Pickett, founder of Pickett’s Press.  “My family owned the first home on Lily Pond Lane on the direction going out of town. It used to be an old bed and breakfast called the “Georgica Beach Cottage” and when we lived there my parents kept the original door numbers on each room. We could walk to the beach, and at that time East Hampton was still full of potato fields and much more “rustic” than Southampton. It was very charming and a wonderful way to grow up.”

Kate Pickett

Founded in 2008, Pickett’s Press offers a wide selection of custom letterpress and digitally printed stationery, as well as an ever-expanding home and gift collection. “We specialize in bringing together beautiful colors and gorgeous fonts to create everything from wedding invitations to children’s stationery,” shares Kate. Pickett’s Press stationery is embellished with custom hand drawn illustrations and boasts a unique, whimsical and special touch personally designed and produced by Kate.

picketts wedding invite Southampton

KDHamptons: Which hamlet do you live in now and what are some of your favorite things to do out East?
Kate Pickett: My children and I own a cottage in the village in Southampton, which is closer to my store in New York, and makes it easier to commute in the summer. We are very involved in village life there- my children sing in the church choir and I am on the altar guild. Philanthropically I am on The Southampton Village Improvement Association, and have been on the committee for the Fresh Air Fund for several years, which is a wonderful organization. We spend lots of time biking and at the beach and walking around town. My oldest son is an avid golfer and they all play tennis so we are outdoors until dark almost all summer, which I love to be able to do, as a city family. The cottage came with amazing rose bushes which are decades old, in all colors, so we love picking them and putting them in the guest room for our many houseguests who visit all summer.

Picketts Press

KDHamptons: What made you think the world needed Pickett’s Press?
Kate Pickett: Well, to begin with, I wanted Pickett’s Press! I started making my own stationery just for my family- between three little kids and extended family and lots of entertaining which we loved to do there was always an invitation or stationery to make. Then, my friends started asking me to make stationery and invitations for them too- all of the original designs started out as a commission for someone. Since the company was so small, I could be really custom then and draw specific motifs for specific people. All of those designs have become our classics, which are now available online. The line has continued to grow in that way- I have always considered myself as my target client. If I want something (a great hostess gift, cute stickers for the kids gifts so the tags don’t fall off, personalized stationery that is chic but still simple) then I assume people like me will be interested in it too.

Picketts Press

KDHamptons: Tell us about your summer entertaining merchandise?
Kate Pickett: I love entertaining, especially in the summer. I love being able to be outdoors. My summer entertaining collection is filled with fun non-breakable items like acryllic barware, melamine bowls and plates, and fun monogrammed roadie cups. I also love our placemat pads They are paper and disposable, in a big pad, so you can make a festive table for lunch straight from the pool and then toss the placemats after the party! they also make a great hostess gift.

Picketts Press

KDHamptons: What’s a great hostess gift to give a hostess in the Hamptons?
Kate Pickett: I love our monogrammed makeup bags as a hostess gift, as well as our Roadie cups and cocktail napkins. A hostess can never have too many monogrammed paper cocktail napkins!

picketts got-fireworks-white-napkin-0

KDHamptons: Any summer entertaining tips for our readers?
Kate Pickett: If you are going to host a party outside, use paper, plastic or acrylic! There is no need to have breakable dishes in the summer. That was the inspiration between my melamine collection and acrylic barware.  I love our acrylic clear monogrammed barware. Picketts Press


KDHamptons: Share a stationary standard that should never go out of style?
Kate Pickett: Handwritten thank-you notes. Although I think there is a place for a quick email as a thank you these days, no one has ever complained about getting a beautiful hand written note in the mail.  It’s like a little present when you receive it, and in this increasingly digital age any throwback to tasteful traditions is a good thing in my book. My children know they must write a note for every gift they get, and to be honest, I think they secretly like it! It’s a way of connecting with someone, pausing and having to actually think about what you are going to say. Writing in pen takes a lot more effort than typing, and so the words seem even more meaningful. And beautifully made stationery makes it fun to write!

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