NEW Featured Profile: Anetta Nowosielska Takes The Helm At Hamptons Magazine


“What I love about living out here is getting to know myself better as well as those around me. Without the distractions and noise of all that pulls us away from ourselves, life out East is a very introspective affair,” shares new Hamptons magazine editor in chief, Anetta Nowosielska (above).  “Naturally, you can easily partake in social life and enjoy the party of it all, but I find the quiet and moments of introspection very comforting.”  Getting to know Anetta recently has been like a breath of fresh ocean air.  She has a great new vision for the printed beach bible and I am thrilled that I will be penning a few pieces for the magazine this summer.

KDHamptons: Congrats on your new role gig as editor in chief of Hamptons magazine. How would you describe your new vision?
Anetta Nowosielska: As we celebrate 40 years out in this amazing community, we’ve envisioned a publication that harkens back to the sexier, edgier version of Hamptons, back when it was first launched. We’ve maintained a specific portion of the traditional language, fashion and lifestyle wise, which part of the Hamptons is known for but we’ve also gone bolder in salacious and fun fashion, trends and reportage of living the high life from the Gold Coast to Montauk. There is plenty to inspire us out East and I’m delighted to have some of the new voices be part of this experience. I would like this publication to celebrate those who are enjoying our fabulous summer season as well as those who make the Hamptons their home year round. Locals are the pulse of this community and I intend to be mindful of their voice as well.

KDHamptons: We hear you are planning some fabulous events this summer. Share one with us?
Anetta: There are plenty! We are celebrating our significant anniversary with a gala, hosted by Molly Sims (below) and her producer husband, Scott Stuber. This will be a spectacular event that will celebrate not only our success out in the Hamptons but also the achievements of the many entrepreneurs who have turned their local businesses into thriving enterprises. This is your “big, gorgeous gown” moment.

On the other side of that spectrum, I’m so thrilled about a cover party for a movie star whose name I can’t reveal, around the 4th of July. We plan to celebrate with a gallery from London, which represents an amazing portfolio of artists showing at ArtMarket Hamptons. That evening will be a very curated experience and those invited will no doubt still talk about it next year.

KDHamptons: Which new restaurants are you looking forward to trying the most?
Anetta: Very excited to welcome Il Mulino out East. And I will likely be spending a lot of time at EMP (Eleven Madison Park).

KDHamptons: How do you like to entertain at home?
Anetta: I love to entertain and do it often. My style is very relaxed and not guided by rules. I’m a very good cook, or so I’ve been told. A lot of my effort goes to food and wine. But whether I set the table with Christofle or not, there is almost always dancing around the room after dessert.

KDHamptons: What’s a little local secret you are willing to share?
Anetta: Here’s a couple of my secrets. My family and I are serious hikers. Cedar Point Park is our regular Sunday outing. I love their exceptional trails. I stock up on the best t-shirts at Imrie, but for something extra, I usually go to What Goes Around Comes Around. There is nothing more dreadful then showing up wearing a dress half the room is wearing. You will never have that problem here. I have a crush on Home Good’s spice section. It’s unbelievable what you can find on those shelves. And we often pick up things from the Fish Farm in Amagansett. The French shop there is so authentic I sometimes pass off its products as my own.

KDHamptons: Which is your favorite Hamptons beach and why?
Anetta: I like Indian Wells Beach in Amagansett. The ocean there feels most majestic. But truth be told, I prefer lounging by the pool.

KDHamptons: Share your three fashion must-haves for summer?
Anetta: 1. Sexy kaftan that goes from poolside to party with the help of a belt. I’m loving Camilla a lot lately.
2. Slip dress in another one of my must-haves. It looks great on the body and it works with a flat shoe and a wedge. Nili Lotan is my go to.
3.  I’m a known shoe-o-holic. And while I love all brands and styles, the one pair I buy over and over is Chanel Espadrilles.

KDHamptons: Who would be on your dream cover?
Anetta: I can say that I was able to book a dream cover this season. My next “get” would probably be Julian Schnabel. I think my fascination with his persona started with Andrew Corsello’s profile in GQ. I’d love a chance to profile him. But Beyonce would the trick, too.