In the enchanting winter season in the Hamptons, there’s nothing better than nestling into a sumptuous bed adorned with the finest down pillows, cloud-like comforter, luxurious linens, and furry touches.  The crisp air outside contrasts with the warmth cocooning you, creating a cozy sanctuary of comfort. This season I wanted to research and finally zero in on the best down brand available. The down category has always been a bit confusing for me to navigate in terms of which weight, density, and feathers to choose. I sourced the difference between all with Scandia Home and have shared a cheat sheet below for you. I also switched up my usual blue + white palette with warm winter tones to curate my perfect winter bedroom refresh. Each night has become a dreamworthy escape from the chill outside on the East End! Visit HERE for the reel reveal.

Here’s a bit of the Scandia Home backstory: For over 50 years, Scandia has brought the best of European-style and comfort to discerning homes with exceptional materials and craftsmanship. The unparalleled softness and insulation provided by their premium down products add a touch of opulence to any winter retreat. Drifting into dreams becomes an indulgent journey, where the unparalleled quality of Scandia Down transforms a simple bed into a haven of sublime tranquility. Scandia Home’s meticulous cleaning process of premium down ensures their products are virtually hypoallergenic – so great! I also love that Scandia Home has an ongoing commitment to the humane sourcing of the down.


So what does DOWN actually mean? Down is the soft cluster found under the breast feathers of waterfowl like geese and ducks. It is nature’s finest insulator and is a brilliant way of keeping these birds warm in frozen climates. Unlike feathers, which are flat and 2-dimensional, down clusters are structured somewhat like 3 dimensional snowflakes with dozens of soft, fine filaments. Scandia Down only uses premium down from mature birds that have superior down clusters.

Scandia Down comforters are generally offered in 3 weight levels; Light, Medium and Ultra and some are “Ultra-Light”.  The “weight level” is a result of the amount of fill that is used in making the comforter. These levels are sometimes also identified with seasonality designations, including: Summer Weight, Year-Round, Winter Weight, Light Weight, Medium Weight, and Ultra-Light Weight—ideal for warm sleepers.

Scandia Down sleep pillows are generally offered in 3 density levels, Soft, Medium and Firm. Pro tip! Typically, a soft pillow will work best for stomach-sleepers, while back sleepers will prefer medium, and side sleepers may prefer firm pillows. If you are uncertain which way to go, medium pillows are a safe bet!

For my new fine linens sheet set design I chose the chic and timeless Arezzo Collection by Scandia which has a custom embroidered chain motif.  Each beautifully detailed piece represents centuries of specialized technique, as skilled artisans in the Chianti region of Italy carry on ancient traditions of embroidery and sewing with decadently comfortable 400-thread-count Egyptian cotton.  Pro tip:  The Arezzo Collection is offered in four distinct colorways for subtle contrast or a bolder style statement. To shop my bedding and more, please visit Scandia Home HERE and please use my Discount Code KELLI20.

A few extra decor details:  My favorite photograph above is a portrait of Faye Dunaway by Terry O’Neill called ‘The Morning After”.  I shopped the oversized Mongolian lamb square pillow and Boucle snowballs at English Country Home in Bridgehampton and my snuggly new Alpaca Teddybear is from East Hampton Gardens.  Lastly, the faux Silver Mink fur throw is by Pretty Rugged and adds some extra drama to the room.