NetJets Offers Hamptons Flights For Camp Visitation Days In Northeast


So many KDHamptons readers have children who attend the elite summer camps in the Northeast. Most of the littles were dropped off last week and parents are already counting down the days until “visitation day”.  From Tripp Lake to Skylemar, mid-summer visiting day is a chance for kids to show off their new-found sailing skills, introduce parents to bunkmates and share stories of adventures in the woods.  The dread of spending hours in the car and traffic getting there is not something most parents are looking forward to!

However, this summer will look a quite different for Hamptonites now that NetJets is offering families heading to the same camp the opportunity to experience the NetJets fleet, bringing them from the flight cabin to their kids’ cabin in time for morning Reveille and back home so as not to miss the Parrish Midsummer Party. There’s no need to add more stress to the busy summer season, Enjoy spending a few hours with your little campers and be back on the beach the same day.

Day trips from the Hamptons to more than 25 camps will operate on Saturday, July 15 and July 22, the most popular camp visitation days of the summer. Discuss your flight needs with an aviation expert today at 877-356-5823 or visit the NETJETS website.