Montauk's Anthony Bourdain Hosts New Film Series: Raw Craft


Anthony Bourdain

The Balvenie Single Malt Scotch Whisky and Anthony Bourdain have paired together to produce a great new online film series called Raw Craft, celebrating some of America’s most talented craftspeople.  From hand-tailored suits to cast iron skillets, Raw Craft is an online film series documenting the lives and works of the committed individuals at the forefront of the American craft movement.

The Balvenie and Bourdain both value and want to promote craftsmanship (The Balvenie is one of the most handcrafted whiskies in the world). The series focuses on great craftspeople across the country who are still creating beautiful works by hand – the latest episode features Andrew Hoyem, master typographer and printer of Arion Press, who continues to champion the lost art of bookmaking. One of the last of its kind, Arion Press has only a handful of members on its staff, all fellow craftsmen dedicated to this age old process. Each works meticulously to create the books in multiple parts, from the typecasters, to the proofreaders, to the printers and the bookbinders. All of these hands build a work of art through a process that must be seen to be believed, and can only, truly, be described as magic.


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