Montauk Salt Co. Launches in the Hamptons: Try A Pinch!


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Heart + Destination + Crisp Montauk Waters = the purest flake sea salt on the East End, because source matters. Montauk Salt Co. is bringing the taste of the Atlantic Ocean to your table, right from the famous local gem and surfer paradise—Ditch Plain’s Beach. Launching in the Hamptons this summer, Montauk Salt Co. has created a salt that is clean and natural. While other sea salts production processes can leave behind elements such as magnesium that can create a bitter aftertaste, or include anti-caking chemical additives, Montauk Salt Co. undergoes a unique process of harvesting and distilling which remove impurities and creates a salt that tastes as fresh as the Atlantic Ocean we all know and love. #TheresAnArtToIt

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Montauk Salt Co. is the brainchild of Sam Gelin of NYC and Danielle Gingerich of the Hamptons, who imagined the idea while enjoying a local seafood dish. Gelin noted, “Enjoying a dish of fresh Montauk fluke, I wanted to enhance its flavor with the saltiness from the same waters, and the idea for Montauk Salt Co was born.” Gelin is passionate about food and its source of origin. With the creation of Montauk Salt Co., he is giving other local Hamptons residents a way to support local right down to the salt on our tables. With the array of farm fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, dairy, and meats, Montauk Salt Co. completes the “farm to table, ocean to table” movement in the Hamptons.

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Be on the lookout for Montauk Salt this summer! Local businesses such as Provisions, Bell & Anchor, Estia’s Little Kitchen, and Swallow East are ordering both for their kitchens and as table salt at restaurants and on store shelves. An array of sizes and packages are available to purchase at both wholesale and retail prices at

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