Mini Luxury Fashion House MME.MINK: A Focus on Sustainability, Craftsmanship, and Personalized Services


As one of the world’s newest Mini Luxury Fashion Houses, MME.MINK reflects the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship. The brand is committed to environmental benchmarks and guarantees that it will make 95% of its raw material traceable. MME.MINK designer Jan Haedrich is also committed to the sustainability objectives of reducing her brand’s environmental footprint and choosing responsible and well-managed supply sources, ethical sourcing of materials, superior aftermarket care and repair, sustainable, yet high-end packaging using FSC certified paper over plastic and non-toxic dyes. 

Jan shares, “Our use of basket and felt wool are artisanally designed and hand-manufactured as is our investment into future materials such as our coated canvas to represent long-lasting, durable and world-friendly products.”

Skilled artisans and traditional craft: MME.MINK engages in responsible manufacturing and commits to protecting the welfare of its workforce. It’s design approach preserves rich, traditional customs, such as leatherwork, grass-weaving, block-printing, and dyeing techniques.

Natural and heritage materials: MME. MINK uses natural and heritage materials such as water hyacinth, woven wicker, wool, felt, organic-based canvas, alpaca, cashmere, camel, cotton, and sources from smallholder farmers in many countries. Ethical sourcing and hand-picked materials are one of the many ways MME.MINK can offer value to their customers.

Close attention to fit and details: As opposed to mass-market brands, MME.MINK invests time and money to design a well-made item that feels bespoke by paying attention to detail and craftsmanship. The item should feel perfectly designed for a real body, as opposed to a hanger or a computer-generated model.

Hands-on service: Luxury fashion goes beyond creating and selling a well-crafted item; it becomes an experience. With a high-price item comes attentiveness, MME.MINK offers excellent customer experience and personalized services, such personalized engraving, help in choosing the right item and aftermarket care and repair. This can also reduce the volume of purchases by reducing returns and ensuring you keep each purchase for generations to come.

Sustainable yet high-end packaging: MME.MINK uses quality and eco-friendly materials. For example, glossy paper can’t be recycled; neither can mixed-material packaging. MME.MINK favors FSC-certified paper over plastic; we use natural, non-toxic dyes like soy instead of traditional petroleum-based ink.

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