Master Stylist Edward Tricomi's Tips + Tricks on How to Keep Summer Hair Healthy


Your hair can become damaged in many different ways during the summer months; being overly exposed to the sun, sea salt, and chlorinated pools can do your hair harm if you’re not prepared. KDHamptons checks in with Edward Tricomi, beauty icon, master stylist, and Co-Founder of Warren Tricomi Salons for 3 Top Tips and tricks to keep your hair soft, beautiful, and healthy.

1. Some of the biggest problems caused by the summer are frizz, humidity, and sun damage. What I suggest to use in order to combat those issues is Warren Tricomi’s anti-frizz products or serums that will keep hair hydrated as well as containing UV protection to protect your hair from the harsh rays of the sun. I also highly recommend wearing a hat! A hat will also protect your hair and block it from direct contact of the sun.

2. After a long day at the beach or the pool be sure to wash out the chlorine or salt water from your hair. Many people skip this step which can cause dryness and damage.

3. The KEY to healthy hair during the summer is HYDRATION. Come visit our East Hampton Location this summer! This location will be offering a Malibu Hair Treatment that will remove chlorine and well water residue from the hair. The Malibu Treatment also prevents the clients color from turning. This is the perfect treatment for a Hamptons Summer, especially if you’re spending time in a chlorinated pool. The treatment takes about 15 minutes and during this time, it is restoring the hair, making it softer, adding a beautiful shine, and for an extra $30– the Hamptons location can remove any green coloring from the hair. The Warren Tricomi staff recommend this treatment once a week for swimmers. Address: 64 Park Pl, East Hampton