Maison Margiela Launces First Ever Fragrance Pop-Up Shop at the Surf Lodge


The first ever Hamptons Maison Margiela Replica Fragrances Pop-Up shop will take place from June 16th – June 18th at the Surf Lodge.  Fragrance lovers can discover the ‘Replica’ collection of fragrances and new Beach Walk Bath line.  Maison Margiela encourages brand fans to remember the scents that speak to all of us. Resonate with our imagination. Awaken our memories.

The Replica Collection embodies Maison Martin Margiela’s affinity for vintage clothing and accessories. The authenticity and charm of these pieces discovered around the world remain identical to the originals. Each garment is faithfully reproduced and carries a special label explaining its origin, function and period. Today, Margiela expands on this unique concept with a collection of ten fragrances.

The fragrances instantly evoke positive emotions that reflect our personal memories as much as our collective subconscious. Each Replica fragrance captures a specific olfactory moment, recalling memories that we all share. “Each of the fragrances is based on a desire to reinvent a scent that everyone knows, while giving it something new, unique and very modern. I don’t like the notion of nostalgia. I prefer the idea of rediscovering those scents that have become a part of us all.” – Jacques Cavallier, Firmenich Master Perfumer

With a silhouette inspired by classical apothecary jars, the bottle used for the fragrances fits perfectly within the codes of Maison Martin Margiela. A cotton label, resembling the tags used on clothing and accessories for the Replica capsule collection, identifies each fragrance. The same label concept is carried onto the packaging. Here, the label is associated with a photograph, a fleeting moment captured in muted colors and soft light, and a poetic allusion to the story behind each fragrance, listed below:

“Flower Market” Paris, 2011 • “Beach Walk” Calvi, 1972  • “Funfair Evening” Santa Monica, 1994 • “Lazy Sunday Morning” Florence, 2003 • “Promenade in the Gardens” Oxfordshire, 1988 • “Jazz Club” Brooklyn, 2013 • “Tea Escape” Tokyo, 2008 • “At the Barber’s” Madrid, 1992 • “By The Fireplace” Chamonix, 1971 • “Lipstick On” Chicago, 1952

Price: $126 for 3.4oz Availability: Barneys New York and Sephora

The new Oil Filters, BLUR and GLOW from Maison Margiela allow you to become your own perfumer. Fall into the art of perfumery, expressing your talent and sensibility by creating you own olfactive signature. Layer the oil filter on before spraying your REPLICA fragrance to create a new olfactive memory. A playful & highly sensorial fragrance ritual for body & hair application which boosts long-lastingness of the ‘Replica’ fragrance you spray on it nourish, moisturize and replenish hair and skin suitable for any skin type.  Price: $55 Availability: beginning August 2016 at Sephora and

− by Alexa Bloss