Made You Look! Look Optic: KDHamptons Favorite Blue Light Glasses


Made you look! This busy summer of writing away has left our eyes needing a little extra assistance when looking at our screens… and what better way to ‘LOOK’ stylish than with LOOK OPTIC. This a great new brand offers the world’s most comfortable blue light glasses with a focus on design. With Look Optic, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing your skin’s glow: these blue-light blocking glasses filter out the harmful waves which cause dullness and hyperpigmentation.

Each of the brand’s blue-light frames are designed with an ultra-lightweight structure (leaving no marks) for maximum comfort while also shielding your eyes from blue-light exposure if you’re staring at your phone, laptop or TV all day! If you happen to wear contacts or reading glasses to better your vision, LOOK OPTIC also offers the option to add magnification (+1.0 through +3.0) to the blue-light glasses to combine both functions. They also have amazing sunnies!

Whether your look of the day features bold, graphic eyeliner or an ultra-minimal, luminescent base; Look Optic offers modern, featherweight frames in a variety of styles and colorways to suit everyone’s individual aesthetic. Goodbye sleepless nights and eye strain: unlike other brands which use a blue-light film coating on yellow-tinted lenses, Look Optic’s blue-light blocking technology is built directly into the clear, anti-reflective lens so you can wake up feeling refreshed and radiant. Taking the stress out of online shopping, the 100% risk-free shopping experience includes free returns and exchanges, a 90 day trial, and one year guarantee.

Not only is Look Optic a great brand to support because of the wonderful products, but its philanthropic endeavors make the company that much more special. In addition to an ongoing partnership with Charity: Water (insufficient access to clean water is the world’s leading cause of blindness), Look Optic also supports the NAACP, donating 10% of sales to the organization in 2020.

— Emmy Sammons