Are you bored of the jet skis, wake boards and water tubes? Lift Foils has the perfect new water sport for you to try this summer right here in The Hamptons. Lift Foils is the original creator of the eFoil board and has a newly opened affiliate in the Hamptons; East End eFoil. East End eFoils will be offering the brand’s fourth generation board, the cutting-edge LIFT4, for you, your family and your friends to come and try! KDHamptons has more exciting details below…

Ideal for thrill-seekers, tech enthusiasts or just those looking for a little fun, this exhilarating activity is also environmentally-friendly as these personal watercrafts run solely on batteries and are nearly silent, ensuring they do not disturb the local marine environment. Lift Foils, the original creator of the first commercial eFoil and unequivocal leader in the space, alongside  their trusted affiliate, East End eFoil, will be offering lessons throughout the summer season.

I had the opportunity to watch my friend, Danny Saurer, learn how to ride the LIFT4 and it was just as exciting to watch! All within the time span of an hour, Danny learned how to safely carry the board, ride the board on his stomach and eventually ride the board standing up. The smile on his face when he stood up for the first time was so big that you could see it from the sand. For a closer look into Danny’s eFoil experience, click HERE.

A Lift Foil serves as proof of the evolution of watersports as it doesn’t need wind or waves to carry its rider, making it perhaps the most accessible watersport to enjoy at any lakefront, beach or seashore across Long Island and beyond. The scenic waterways are abundant on the East End and offer amazing spots for eFoilers of any experience level. Imagine gliding across the Noyack Bay at up to 30 miles an hour with just the faint purr and power of the electric motor humming beneath your feet…tempting right?

Lift Foils continues to position itself at the forefront of the eFoiling industry. They recently launched their 4th generation board, the innovative LIFT4, which is now available for demos with East End eFoil. It is the brand’s quietest eFoil ever created and features a technological breakthrough in battery life allowing riders to be out on the water longer and explore further than ever before at a fraction of the charging time of any other eFoil available on the market.

For more information on the LIFT4, visit HERE.

To book a demo, visit HERE.

Written by Nicole Vawter

Images: Lift Foil and Paddle Diva