LOVEVOLVE: Changing The World One Act of LOVE At A Time


“Words hold power,” shares LOVEVOLVE philanthropic founder, artist, and mother, Sunny Stack Goode. This is why she created LOVEVOLVE, a collection emblazoned with four letters L-O-V-E. The idea behind LOVEVOLVE is based on research that shows seeing positive words can have a significant influence on your life. During Covid, Sunny launched LOVEVOLVE LLC where products came to life from her art therapy paintings using the words LOVE and EVOLVE. By sharing LOVE through our actions, products, and partnerships we strive to build healthier families, safer relationships, and stronger communities. I created our LOVE Swaddle mission, seeking to wrap every baby in a LOVE swaddle blanket from the moment of birth, and to provide new parents and families with critical relationship resources through our partnership with the One Love Foundation. Science tells us words can change the brain permanently which means by simply and consistently displaying LOVE, we can build a more loving world.”

In September 2020, HCA Henrico Doctor’s Hospital was the first facility to implement the Love Swaddle® mission by wrapping new borns in the Love Swaddle after their first bath. Once bathed, the new borns are handed over to their parent/s in this bright, beautiful, love adorned blanket. Shortly after, Bon Secours Mercy Health St. Mary’s Hospital joined the Love Swaddle® movement.  The Love Swaddle® is made with 100% organic cotton muslin and is gifted with a card that illustrates a “how to swaddle” graphic and 10 signs of a healthy relationship from the One Love Foundation.

After leaving an unhealthy relationship in 2017 and being diagnosed with early breast cancer in 2018, Sunny worked through a paralyzing creative block with art therapy, which turned into a collection that literally wraps everyone with love. “My experiences also inspired me to use my art to help others, whether it’s donating LOVE swaddles to parents of newborns through my One Love Foundation or spreading love via mural projects in cities both large and small.” LOVEVOLVE murals have become an incredible part of the LOVEVOLVE mission to spread LOVE throughout communities. Sunny recently partnered with the Nashville Children’s Alliance to paint a LOVEVOLVE mural. She has also painted murals in Atlanta and in Virginia and works to paint bright color combinations of her LOVE pattern on buildings to serve as a visual reminder to stop and love. 

She utilizes her artwork to inspire social change by promoting relationship health at birth. Research shows that seeing positive words like “LOVE” can change your brain, leading to more compassion for yourself and others, increased resiliency, thinking more clearly, enhanced creativity, and communicating with others more authentically. Her artwork is printed onto textiles with interest primarily in the intangible aspects of her work, and the energy around the pieces. Sunny  shares, “If you literally wrap a baby in the word LOVE, send them home from the hospital with a visual daily reminder for parents, while also connecting the family to the One Love Foundation for relationship health education, what are the societal and emotional effects? To date 15,800 babies have been wrapped in LOVE.”

Tell us about the LOVE Swaddle Hospital Blanket Program: Delivering Babies Wrapped in LOVE?

Sunny: The hospital blanket program is available to all places where babies are born. We want to empower doctors, maternity ward nurses, doulas and midwives to be the first point of contact for giving LOVE and shedding light on relationship health. Through this program, parents are given a LOVE Swaddle blanket for their newborn, as well as information and resources encourage healthy relationships. 5% of our annual net profits from the Hospital LOVE Swaddle® Program are donated to the One Love Foundation.

What is the philosophy behind your Love Swaddle Mission?

Sunny: Our philosophy is simple. When a newborn is wrapped in a joyful visual cue to love at birth, and a mother is given resources for relationship health, there is awareness. This awareness is the beginning of change. The more awareness we give to relationship health at birth, the less child abuse will occur. This will lessen trauma, and eventually lower domestic violence, which is a learned behavior. This one simple act can break a cycle.

Where did you study art and psychology?

Sunny: I obtained a BA in Art History from Hollins University and a certificate on the physiological and psychological effects of color through the IACC-NA in California.

Please tell us about the LOVEVOLVE Grief Blankets?

Sunny:  The Grief Blanket is made of the same material and pattern as the LOVE Swaddle, but is exclusively for parents that experience a fetal demise. This blanket is not sold or advertised anywhere. The variety of colors were chosen to illustrate enlightenment and transcendence.  Providing a gift for a nurse to give a grieving parent is a very compassionate act. This blanket has proved to be twofold: support for the parent and nurses. It is also given with a support card for future reference, as everyone gives differently.

“When our baby returned from his first bath he was wrapped in a LOVE Swaddle. As a proud new father, I read all too much about bad family situations. I support LOVEVOLVE and really appreciate what you’re doing.” — new father at Memorial Regional Hospital in Virginia.

How else can readers support your mission?

Sunny:  We offer a beautiful online gift shop of pillows, towels, cards, rugs, books, and gifts. By purchasing our products and supporting our partners, you are changing the world with an act of LOVE. We are truly grateful for your support.

You also have a transcendental meditation outlet as well?

Sunny: Yes. “Our ‘Stop And Love’ TM movement seeks to support each of us in remembering that in any moment on any given day, we have the individual power to STOP and choose LOVE: as a friend, as a partner, as a parent, as a family, as a citizen and as a world.”

Where can readers view your artwork?

Sunny:  My artwork is currently represented by art dealers in Virginia, Georgia, and Washington, DC. Original artwork can be found in private and corporate collections across the country.

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