An Up 'Lift' ing Experience: Flying High With Hamptons Lift Foils


Earlier this summer, KDHamptons featured an amazing new company, Hamptons Lift Foils, a family-run operation based out of Puerto Rico which opened an affiliate company in Sag Harbor.  We sent our intrepid health and wellness editor Amy Linnen, who is an adventure athlete and photographer to document and share the experience, below.

Amy met Jeremy Stauffer of Hamptons Lift Foils at Noyac Bay for a test run. He showed off the carbon fiber board, the lithium-ion battery hidden inside, the hydrodynamic shroud and aluminum propeller.

Amy was then outfitted with a life-jacket, a helmet including a headset and bluetooth controller. Immediately Amy was impressed with the sound and communication between instructor and student. The helmet was comfortable and provided not only safety but a great teaching tool when communicating with the instructor.

Jeremy gave directions on land and in the water, but first a quick demonstration.  “He makes it look easy and effortless”, Amy thought.  Being that Linnen surfs, snowboards, wakeboards and is an overall water-woman, she can attest that the fundamentals do carry over. However, it was a bit more challenging than she thought, until she got the feel for it.

Amy states, “If you are good at multi-tasking, yoga, surfing and video games you have an advantage. Being able to move, distribute your weight, while controlling the speed with the controller” was the biggest challenge for Amy.  Once she got the feel for it, she was up and flying.

After a few wipeouts and some great instructions and encouragement from Jeremy the real fun began.  For any water sport enthusiasts it is a must try. Whether you enjoy the challenge, learning something new, the speed, the scenery and/or the feeling of flying over water, schedule a group or private session with Hamptons Lift Foils.  We highly recommends it and will be a highlight of your summer fun activities.

Those interested can email to inquire about setting something up. To learn more about Hamptons Lift Foils, visit, and to peruse the full lineup of customizable Lift eFoils and Surf Foils, visit

– By Amy Linnen