Lexi Stolz & Louisa Young Launch The Hamptons Aristocrat: Two Girls, One Vintage Food Truck, Your Party!






Lexi Stolz and Louisa Young have joined foodie forces to launch the HAMPTONS ARISTOCRAT as the solution to last-minute Hamptons entertaining this summer. Named after Stolz and Young’s 1969 Aristocrat Lo-Liner event food truck, the company offers a wide variety of services including: catering, meal delivery, grocery delivery, last–minute dinner party catering, “moonlight dinners” beneath the stars, and more – using ONLY local & organic food that’s bursting with fresh flavor. Lexi is an event planner and owner of South Fork & Spoon food concierge service, and Louisa is the founder of farm-to-fork catering company Ango NYC. With the slogan, “Two Girls, One Truck, Your Party,” the girls are uniquely able to “roll-in and roll-out” for backyard parties, brunches, movie nights, weddings, and more.




KDHamptons loves to entertain at home with Lexi Stolz







The Hamptons Aristocrat weekly menu is prepared with the freshest local ingredients influenced by authentic Hamptons tastes and traditions – delivered right to your table. Anyone who has ever spent a weekend in the Hamptons knows that there are limited food delivery options, catering is a costly hassle, the traffic and lines at the grocery store on Friday are insane, and planning dinner reservations for bigger groups is becoming increasingly difficult [uhhh…no, I don’t want to make a 5pm dinner reservation]. That’s where the HAMPTONS ARISTOCRAT comes in. Lexi Stolz and Louisa Young are revolutionizing dining on the East End through their delicious cuisine and easy-to-plan events, dinner parties, brunches and more.













For example, the Moonlight Dinners are dinner parties in your backyard – and the Hamptons Aristocrat brings everything you need, down to the whimsical decorations, plates, silverwear, etc. At $125 per person [you can pay separately on a credit card], it’s a great alternative to eating out with your group.









“The Hamptons are not just a beach destination; we are a community and a culture. Our clients take pride in the local produce, seafood, and all that our farming community has to offer. Our clients also want to be spontaneous; they have unexpected houseguests, and they throw last minute dinner parties, pool parities and BBQs. We are here to bridge those two worlds,” says Stolz.















Stolz and Young personally hand-select local and organic products and create dishes that promote healthy and sustainable living. Every aspect of the Hamptons Aristocrat is influenced by authentic Hamptons tastes and traditions — who doesn’t love crab boils, movie nights, beach BBQ’s and more?









Full List of Available Services:


Exclusive Private Dinner Delivery
Off of the Hamptons Aristocrat Dinner Menu, order organic and locally sourced ready-to-eat meals delivered right to your table on wooden boards Thursdays through Sundays. In a bind? These dinners can be delivered within 2 hours of ordering.


Signature Moonlight Dinner
Bringing a restaurant style experience and service right to your backyard! Table, chairs and décor in tow, let Louisa and Lexi transform your backyard into your own personal restaurant. The 7-course tasting menu for $125 per person (starting at 10 up to 25 guests) highlights the local and organic produce from the Hamptons’ Farms. Guests can even pay separately – much like a restaurant!


Full Service Catered Events
Let the Hamptons Aristocrat walk you through the event planning steps and curate a custom menu for you. Perfect for everything including weddings, corporate events, picnics, luncheons and birthday parties!


Personalized Grocery Shopping
Louisa and Lexi will stock your home and kitchen prior to arrival with all your local favorites. Order off of their weekly newsletter, which includes the menus of Loaves and Fishes (a Hamptons staple), The Green Thumb, Round Swamp Farm, Tate’s Bake Shop, Citarella’s and more! This service includes the washing of all produce, fresh farmstand flowers and grocery unpacking.


* For more information, please go to: Hello@HamptonsAristocrat.com