My Hamptons

Kevyn Mary Zeller

Occupation: Owner/Pilates Teacher at Kevyn Zeller Pilates

Current Residence: Brooklyn & Sag Harbor

Yoga Shanti


KDHamptons: How long have you been coming to the Hamptons? Why do you love it so much?

Kevyn Mary Zeller: 6 years. I love the Hamptons because of the absolute beauty.  The Hamptons allows me to experience all of my favorite activities during the day; yoga, pilates, paddle boarding, beach time and then be able to completely relax at night.  The way I feel when I’m watching the sunset, or the sun rise, is very tranquil and authentic… a feeling I get no where else.


KDHamptons: Describe your perfect Hamptons day in detail?

Kevyn: Awaking to the peaceful quiet after a delicious night of sleep. Walking into town to take a yoga class usually at Yoga Shanti. After class I walk over to Provisions to get a fresh juice before an invigorating day of teaching my amazing students and practicing Pilates.
After teaching I love meeting my boyfriend and our sweet English Setter Samson at Long beach for a sunset paddle board session and then grilling out with friends. Luckily my boyfriend is an AMAZING organic chef. Watching the sun set. Reading an amazing book or practicing the guitar. A bath. Bedtime. This is my perfect day.


KDHamptons: Tell us about your pilates practice?

Kevyn: Out of all of the Pilates work, the mat work is ultimately my favorite. However, I have also developed a method in which, through deeply meditative releasing and centering a connection is made with the vibration of the spring. This vibration allows for transformation to occur first on a deep, cellular level and then the transformation may radiate into the student’s ability to receive life with centered and receptive strength and grace. I couldn’t imagine a day without it! Conntect. Transform. INSPIRE


KDHamptons: What is your little secret about the Hamptons?

Kevyn: My biggest, little secret is a 24 hour parking spot in Sag Harbor I know of that is ALWAYS available and I won’t be giving that one away… Other than that, I’d have to say that somehow not many people have found out how insanely beautiful it is to paddle board at Long Beach right before and during sunset. I’m there almost every day and will see no more than one or two other people in the water. I kind of hope it stays that way.


KDHamptons: Do you have a Hamptons “uniform”? How do you usually dress out East and who makes your favorite pilates clothes?

Kevyn: When I teach in the Hamptons I like to keep my look unique, light and fresh. I mix and match a lot of Lululemon, Spiritual Gangster, Ohm Girl and Splendid and for Pilates on the beach my Maui Girl bikini is pretty perfect.  Lululemon makes my favorite workout clothes by far, so flattering and functional.


KDHamptons: Do you have any summer purchases you are obsessed with?

Kevyn: Other than my Yoga and Pilates classes and shopping at all of the amazing local farmer’s markets, I’d have to say everything at Satori in Sag Harbor would qualify! I actually have to come up with a specific Satori budget each summer or it gets a little out of hand.


KDHamptons: What is your favorite Hamptons restaurant, got a favorite dish you get every time?

Kevyn: My favorite restaurant in the Hamptons is Sen in Sag Harbor and favorite dish is the Rock Shrimp Tempura, hands down. I also love the lobster sliders at Bobby Van’s in Bridgehampton. My two summertime guilty pleasures.