KDHamptons Welcomes NEW Health & Wellness Contributing Editor Charlotte Laguardia


Native to the East End of Long Island, Charlotte LaGuardia’s love for food started at a young age. Surrounded by small farms, fresh seafood, and wineries she learned the benefits of nutrient dense foods first hand. Surrounded by our local small farms, fresh seafood, and wineries she learned the benefits of nutrient dense foods first hand.

KDHamptons is excited to announce that Charlotte will be sharing her integrative approach, rooted in science, with readers through recipes, tips, and features on health and wellness.  Welcome Charlotte! (Be sure to follow her on Insta @charlottelouisenutrition)

KDHamptons : What is your background in health and wellness?
Charlotte: I graduated from Southampton Senior High School in 2010, and went on to study psychology at The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. During my time in Massachusetts, I completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training and has been teaching ever since. I enrolled in Maryland University of Integrative Health and completed the Masters of Clinical Nutrition in 2018. She is also a board-certified nutrition specialist (CNS).

KDHamptons: How long have you lived in the Hamptons and what do you love about it?
Charlotte: I was born and raised in Southampton! I love not only the beaches and natural beauty but also all the farms and fresh food we have access to.

KDHamptons : What inspired you to start your business?
Charlotte: I believe everyone has a right to understand how food impacts their health. With all of the conflicting information out there, I want to be a resource and provide clarity to anyone who wants to learn more about nutrition or who needs help reaching their health goals.

KDHamptons: What makes the Hamptons the perfect place for your business?
Charlotte: My perspective on nutrition has always been to return to the basics by consuming fresh, whole foods from quality sources. The Hamptons provides this first hand through local agriculture, fisheries, and farms.

KDHamptons : What do you offer your clients? 
Charlotte: I offer nutritional counseling for individuals and corporations. Additionally, I host classes, lectures, and offer at home pantry cleanouts and grocery store tours. My focus is integrative, which means I look at the whole person not just individual symptoms and all of my recommendations are always rooted in science.

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