KDHamptons Secret Weapon for Summer Cooking: Mr. Pete's Olive Oil


KDHamptons loves to cook, especially during the summer months when all of the local farmstands are chock full of produce that has just been pulled from the ground. Most of the meals I prepare are light Mediterranean style and include olive oil as a main ingredient. I recently discovered a new favorite EVOO named Mr. Pete’s which I have been cooking up a storm with for salads, pasta, pizza, and more.

Mr. Pete’s is authentic, delicious Greek olive oil.  The slick packaging also makes Mr. Pete’s the perfect Hamptons hostess gift. Made from the koroneiki olive variety, the oil has hints of green leaves, freshly cut grass, green apple, and green pepper. it tastes great when paired with wild greens, seafood, roasted game or a rich, hearty soup.

Mr. Pete shares, “Born in the mountains of Petrina, Laconia, our father learned to grow olives like the generations before him — for the love of it. After immigrating to Brooklyn in the early 1950s, he never forgot where he came from. He would later return every season with our mother to their hometown and cultivate our family grove alongside the people of Petrina. Our family has continued the tradition of making small batches of olive oil. We hope you enjoy.”

To order Mr. Pete’s go HERE: $36 for a 32oz bottle