KDHamptons Recipes: Exclusive Casamigos Signature Cocktails for The Palm





KDHamptons favorite tequila maker, Casamigos, has partnered with the Palm Restaurant Group to develop two seasonal/signature cocktails, now available to guests at all Palm locations across the country for the remainder of the month of December.  KDH snagged the recipes for these delicious signature drinks, below. Swing by the Palm in East Hampton to toast the season:


The Palm: 94 Main St, East Hampton; 631.324.0411




1½ ounces Casamigos Reposado
¾ ounce fresh squeezed lime juice
¾ ounce honey syrup*
Dash of Nutmeg
Honey for garnish
Sugar for garnish

** Combine Casamigos Reposado, lime juice, honey syrup, and ground nutmeg in a
cocktail shaker. Shake well. Rim a rocks glass with honey and sugar. Pour cocktail
into the glass and serve. Add a Palm Stirrer. *Honey Syrup- 50/50 ration of honey
to water





2 oz Casamigos Blanco
2 oz chili syrup (see recipe below)
2 oz fresh lime juice
Fill Shaker with cube ice. Add 2 oz Casamigos Blanca, 2 oz chili syrup* and 2oz lime
juice.Cap and shake well. Strain into a martini glass filled with crushed ice.
*Chili Syrup
6 cups water
1 cup sugar
2 tbsp crushed red pepper flake

**In a pot, combine 6 cups water with 1 cup of sugar and 2 tbsp. of crushed red pepper
flake. Reduce by half. Remove from heat, strain and chill.