KDHamptons New Obsession: Hand Dipped Delights by CRAVE CHOCOLATE


When a love of business met a passion for sweets, Crave chocolate was created, by sweetheart Britt Starr.  “I started dipping for fun and eight years later it’s grown to more than I ever dreamed! Crave is hand dipped and shipped nationally from our commercial kitchen in Bergen County, New Jersey.”

Since that day Britt has been dipping your favorite classic treats in her decadent chocolate and making magic happen. “Every year that passes and every s’more that is enjoyed only magnifies our passion for making classic sweets better with chocolate,” she says.

“We have grown our customer reach by ‘popping up’ within major retailers including Williams Sonoma, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales across the US.  Crave is known most for our unique variety or s’mores and our youthful and modern twist on your favorite childhood snacks,” says Britt.

Looking to customize or personalize some sweet treats for your next event?  Britt says, “Options are available. We can customize labels and cards with your logo and personal message.  Just contact our customer service team for more information.”

Some of KDHamptons favorite treats are pictured here: Chocolate covered pretzels, Popcorn, and Cookies, S’mores bars, Chocolate Macaroons, and Chocolate covered marshmallows. Yum!

Britt shares, “If you can’t make it to one of our ‘pop ups’ you can check out our website or Instagram  or get connected with us @sweetsbycrave. Orders placed before 1pm will go out the same day and we offer same day delivery within a 10 mile radius.”  For more information call  973.879.6655 or visit CRAVE here.  Photos by Kelli Delaney