KDHamptons Summer Fashion Obsession: Crowns by Christy



KDHamptons summer fashion obsession are flirty, girly, floral crowns, and our favorite ones are hand made by Christy Meisner Doramus, a New York City based flower crown designer and floral stylist. After working as a publicist in Manhattan for six years, she started Crowns by Christy.  In addition to taking custom orders, she also hosts flower crown DIY classes for private events in Manhattan and in the Hamptons where she lives in the summer with her husband. Christy’s work has been seen in magazines such as Martha Stewart Weddings, Us Weekly, and Teen Vogue, as well as websites such as Vogue.com, Style.com and InStyle.com. In May of 2015, Christy launched a Flower Crown DIY Book that is now available at BarnesandNoble.com HERE.  KDHamptons learns more about the queen of crowns in this NEW Fashion Diary, below:



KDHamptons: What inspired you to launch Crowns by Christy?

Christy Meisner Doaramus: I started Crowns by Christy (@crownsbychristy) in April of last year as a total accident. I was working as a publicist at the time and my team was looking to source flower crowns for a client event. When we were unable to find them within our budget, I made them myself and quickly realized that there was a market for flower crowns and creative projects using flowers. I’m a total flower child, so cannot be more thankful to have the opportunity to work with something I love so much and call it “work” every day.


KDHamptons: How did you learn to create the crowns?

Christy:  My technique is self-taught as a result of trial and error, which is the case with most of my designs and projects. I love a good challenge and it is generally a challenge from a client or editor that leads me to something really fun and creative. I was once asked to make a mermaid themed flower crown for a Halloween costume, which is one of my favorite designs to date and included pearls, seashells and starfish. I purchase all of my flowers from the Chelsea Flower Market in Manhattan.


KDHamptons: Why have crowns become such a hot fashion accessory?

Christy: I think that music festivals such as Coachella play a huge role in influencing street style fashions that trickle down. The flower crown is such a music festival staple and this is likely where the larger “trend” originated, but flower crowns have always been popular during bridal season.


KDHamptons: How can readers book a DIY party with you?

Christy: My flower crown DIY classes and events can be booked directly through me by emailing Christy@crownsbychristy.com. Costs vary depending on the size and location of the event in addition to the types of flower crowns desired so each party or event is quoted on a case by case basis.