KDHamptons NEW Design Obsession: My Top Ten Summer Entertaining Pieces From Etu Home


White Mod Block Stand, Large, $188; SHOP

For over a decade, etúHOME has carefully curated a collection of products that are best enjoyed around food, wine, friends and family. Founders Stacy and Joe Borocz founded their company on the belief that the utilitarian pieces used to prepare, serve and store food in, matter. “Our collection reflects this lifestyle, inspired by classically rooted European designs, time honored techniques and honest materials you can trust. Modern Sustainability, it feels good.  This is what the etúHOME brand is all about. We capture the spirit of the quintessential European lifestyle by transforming its utilitarian objects into treasured accents for the modern home. Our entire collection is designed as a reflection of that lifestyle – intended to be woven into day-to-day living.”

Medium White Colorblock Mason Jar, $130;  SHOP

Bianca Kitchen Caddy, $163; SHOP

Each etúHOME piece created is rooted in the classics and is hand crafted from sustainable materials in order to be truly authentic. “Our eye for detail extends to the method in which we create every piece; with the utmost attention to quality and craftsmanship. While we utilize precision equipment in our factory, each new piece is finished by hand in old world style, ensuring a piece of the past resonates with future generations. Every item in our collection tells the story of a past era, each unique in its artisanal craftsmanship,” shares Stacy and Joe.  I am loving this collection because not only is it wonderful to work with these pieces as I’m cooking, they are also so chic and easy to serve with.

Vintage Sage Dough Bowl, Small, $173; SHOP

Spanish Chopping Board, $160; SHOP

At etúHOME sourcing efforts are truly the heart and soul of the company, utilizing 19th century timber, recycled glass and sustainably harvested beams to craft their products.  “As buildings in and around Budapest fall into demolition, we are able to salvage the beams used to support them. We find beauty in extending resources and giving materials a second life.”

Trivet Top Lazy Susan Natural, $222; SHOP

Small White Round Charcuterie Board, $114; SHOP

“Additionally, our thoughts go beyond the materials we utilize. We believe sustainability should extend beyond the product’s core materials all the way to the factory where the product is made; ensuring a safe environment, a fair living wage, and the contribution to a prosperous and healthy community,” share the design duo. To shop the full collection go HERE

Vintage Sage Dough Bowl, Small; $173; SHOP

Pine Round Charcuterie Board, $106: SHOP

Small Round Baker, $64; SHOP