KDH Video Diary: 27 Hampton Salon Beauty Director Karen Ruggiero Shares Pretty Winter Makeup & Makeover Tips!






Feeling like you have the winter beauty blues? KDH has you covered! For a beauty 911, book an appointment at the gorgeous 27 Hampton Salon in Southampton with in-house beauty coordinator, Karen Ruggiero, to learn how to create a fresh, pretty, glowing look to get you through winter in the Hamptons!  As the co-founder of a fab new line of make up and botanical skin care called RuLef [which is sold at the salon], Karen knows how to make you look pretty and feel pampered during the harsh Hamptons winter months.


Click to play the video above to learn more about the RuLef line, services offered at 27 Hampton, and try out Karen’s tips below for putting your best face forward in February!



Karen Ruggiero with KDHamptons reader Siobhann Bissonette before her 27Hamptons makeover.


Step one: Prep the skin

  • Pick out a perfect skin primer that works for your skin type. Because Siobhan is younger, oil free is the best choice.



Step two: Eyes

  • Use eye primer/base in order to even out the shadow on the lid of your eyes and give eye shadow longevity.
  • Base shadow color choice for winter and choose a matte neutral color first; Karen used Pebbles. Apply the shadow to the lash line.
  • Choose a waterproof pencil liner. This will give the lasting effect of liquid liner but because pencil liners are easier to use and more forgiving It is easier to fix if you make a mistake. Hold the pencil sideways at the base of the lash and walk over. Add little touches along the lash line and connect the dots for a fail safe way to apply. Because we want a soft winter look appropriate for any occasion Karen makes the liner almost unnoticible. “This is just enough so we get a nice defined soft eye.”
  • The next shadow Karen applies [called Brownie] to the trough of the eye in order to sculpt the eye and create definition. “The more you blend the softer the look.”  Tip: to assure you’re not using too much shadow, tap the brush to the back of your hand to remove excess.
  • Curl lashes close to lash and press gently.


Step Three: Mascara

  • Resist temptation for color mascara, black is the best for making lashes stand out.
  • Start the wand at the base of lash, wiggle and sweep up. The gentle wiggle and roll helps to separate the lashes.
  • Apply two coats on each lash moving on the the next eye in between applications to allow the mascara time to dry in between coats. It is helpful to lift your eyebrow when doing mascara. On second coat grab extra lashes and pull up for illusion of fake eyelash.
  • For lower eye, resist lining inside of eye.  Tip: Karen’s husband, Dr. Bob Ruggiero, the optometrist at Southampton’s Main Street Optics says that lining the waterline makes you prone to bacteria and infection.
  • Use Brownie Chocolate liner lightly along lower lashes to maximize look.
  • When coating bottom lashes resist re-dipping the wand to prevent loading lashes with too much mascara.


Step Four: Concealer and Foundation

  • Apply a light base of concealer to the skin
  • It’s helpful to use a concealer sable base brush, these are best for wet and dry makeup.  Additionally the roundness allows you to get right under the eye for exactness.
  • Concealer helps creates an area of lightness to illuminate the face.
  • Start foundation in center of face where the pigment of your skin is most uneven, blend out until no lines of demarcation are visible.
  • Most skin types need different foundation for the changing seasons such as a tinted moisturizer for summer and a more moisturizing foundation for winter.
  • While Sponges give the most coverage they tend to absorb too much and waste product, where as brushes allow to blend out with precision.
  • Use the back of your hand as a pallet, one pump of foundation covers face.
  • Invisible blotting powder sets makeup and preserves, because Siobhan is young loose powder is unnecessary. The blotting powder works better to absorb oil for young faces.


Step Five: Bronzing

  • If using bronzer with shimmer make sure to use it strategically and not all over the face.
  • Start from temple and sweep to under the cheekbone in a ‘C’ shape, where sun would hit.
  • Take what’s left to dash on nose.
  • Dab a small amount of pinky blush only on the apples of cheeks
  • Smile to give exact points of apple on cheeks and blend.
  • If over applied brush dip the brush in blotting powder and shear out.


Step Six: Lips

  • Use a lip liner close to the natural color of lips such as ‘Camio’.
  • Sketch entire lip so everything comes off together and you aren’t left with a ring once the lip gloss runs out.
  • Take the side of the pencil and sketch.
  • Resist to go above or below the lip.
  • Apply lip gloss such as ‘Remake’.


Step Seven: Eye Brows

  • Take a pencil and line it up so that it touches the outermost of your nose and the inside of your eye. This line will determine where your eyebrow should start.
  • Brow powder works to lightly fill in over plucked or underdeveloped brows.
  • Brush around shape and fill in where lacking.
  • Remember brows are sister not twins so make sure they are even but not necessarily identical.


For more information visit http://www.27hamptonsalon.com/ and http://rulef.com/

Location: 27 Hampton Rd  Southampton; (631) 377-3107