KDHamptons Home: Designer Tom Samet Shares Top Style Tips — Get Inspired For A Fresh Spring Redesign!



The Derrigs installed antique granite pavers in the lawn leading up to the house for a dramatic effect.



One of my favorite residences on the East End belongs to my friends, Dwyer and Michael Derrig. Decorated by haute Hamptonite, Tom Samet, the unassuming home boasts beautiful, traditional New England elements, including tongue-and-groove walls, mixed with dramatic design details including textured wallpaper, pops of bold colors throughout, and just the right amount of austere animal prints.



Michael & Dwyer Derrig



The Derrig/Samet dream team managed to pull off a major renovation in ten short months, and was a showcase of a recent East Hampton Historical Society House & Garden Tour. The renovation included: an addition of a family room, mudroom, laundry room, garage and a complete lower level. WOW — in TEN months?! Creating a dramatic approach to the Cape style home, the Derrigs added an irregularly shaped, antique granite pavers in the lawn leading up to a glossy black front door, and pristine landscaping notes of boxwoods, crape myrtles, boxwoods and hydrangeas.





KDH adores Tom Samet [pictured above]. I can pour over his design choices for hours, drawing inspiration on how to forge the perfect formula in a room which has a “designer” look, yet is totally cozy, relaxed, and feels like the owner lives there~ not the decorator! Tom describes his aesthetic best, “People really live in the houses I decorate. They’re not just here for you to come see me.”


Tom shares style tips & secrets about this special property in this KDHamptons Design Diary below:





KDHamptons: How would you describe the design style you created for the Derrig home?

Tom Samet: This home is an updated traditional~ with comfort and utility in mind~ for a young, stylish family.







KDHamptons: Which is your favorite room in the house and why?

Tom: The family room [below] because you can enjoy the fireplace, the television and it’s access to the kitchen and terrace. The comfort and warmth of the room is enhanced by the addition of the Nobilis faux wood wallcovering and the richness of the colors and textures of the fabrics used in the room.







KDHamptons: If we want to redecorate our living room at home, is there one item that we should allot the most dollars to?

Tom: Yes, invest in the best quality sofa you can afford because it anchors the room and you can get a lot of years of good use from it. My favorite style is a fixed-back, low-armed, 2 or 3 cushion sofa without a skirt, covered in mohair or linen.



“We worked around the orange couch,” Tom shares. “It’s a warm color. To me, it’s not a winter or summer color. It has sort of become beige to us. I like it as an accent color..”





KDHamptons: Is there an item or fabric in this home that is signature ‘Tom Samet’?

Tom: Yes, the signature ‘Tom Samet’ look includes the Nobilis faux wood wallcovering in the family room, an animal print here or there for its durability, and I love a framed textile for it’s warmth and surprise.







KDHamptons: What would you say was the greatest design challenge in this home?

Tom: I think incorporating bold accent colors into the design scheme [as below] and still having a wonderful flow from room to room. It was also challenging to choose wood, faux paint finishes, and wallpaper in a way to ensure each room has its own identity~ but yet remains cohesive.







KDHamptons: What is the most eclectic item you discovered for the house?

Tom: The wonderful vintage pink brass fish pot that was repurposed into a lamp for the living room. It sets the tone for originality in this home.





KDHamptons: Spill the beans Tom! Share a design risk you took that ended up working out great?

Tom: The framed Christopher Fischer bath-sized terry towel in the main floor guest bath was a bold decision that worked out very well.