KDHamptons Holiday: Find Your Perfect Christmas Tree at Small Potato Farm in Bridgehampton


Hello Christmas!



KDH loves the holidays so much and picking out the perfect Christmas tree is always a highlight of the season for me. I can’t wait to decorate our farmhouse over the weekend. First stop? Scouting out the perfect tree at the charming Small Potato nursery in Bridgehampton.


I just popped over to see owner Elizabeth Linker, who has been filling Hamptons homes with big, beautiful smelling Christmas trees for the past 15 years. This North Pole nook also offers wreaths, mini-trees, ropings, door swags, mantle pieces, and gorgeous painted white branches [I am definitely picking up a bunch of those!]. Check out all of the gorgeous green wreaths, sprays, trees and more and get decorating today!







She's loaded on top of the Rover and headed home! TIP: Ask the guys at the nursery put the stand on for you to avoid crooked tree syndrome!



Small Potato offers the following types of trees:

Alberta Spruce
Norway Spruce


Prices run as follows:

$8 per foot for Balsam
$10 per foot for Fraser
*and any trees above 9 feet tall are $14 per foot





KDH asked Elizabeth to share her expert tips on how to keep your Christmas tree happy and healthy until New Years Eve. Here’s what you need to do:


* Give the tree a few big shakes at the farm to release loose needles so they don’t come home with you, or in your car
* Always have the tree stump freshly cut again upon purchase
* Place the tree in water asap, and add a big dollop of honey to the water to replace the natural sap
* Water the tree every day for the first week, and then twice a week to follow
* Keep your house at 68 degrees so the tree won’t get dry
* After 25 days you should remove the tree from your home to avoid a potential fire hazard, and a big mess of fallen needles!





You will know when you found THE ONE!











Small Potato Hours:
9am-7pm Monday~Friday
9am-8pm Friday~Sunday


*Located at 2714 Montauk Highway next to the Bridgehampton Middle School

Happy tree shopping!!!



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  1. Merry Christmas ! Ho Ho Ho !

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