KDHamptons Floral Fancy: Pink & White Quince Branches


As soon as my Christmas tree comes down I head to Topiaire Floral Boutique in Southampton to pick up a bunch of pretty Quince fruit branches to make a dramatic center arrangement in my living room.  Quince comes in salmon (pink) and white. I usually try to buy them flowering, but with lots of unopened buds still on the branch. This will guarantee that they keep on flowering as long as the water is kept cold in the vessel. Alternately, if you want to have all of the buds blooming right away, just add warm water and they will open within two days.

TIP:  Cut an inch long slice in the bottom of each branch before you arrange. This allows water to be absorbed more easily and will extend the life of your branches.

*Topiaire is located at 51 Jobs Lane in Southampton. My favorite little jewel box of flowers owned by Erin Meaney.