KDHamptons Featured Photographer: The Portrait Specialist, Lucille Khornak

My nephew Brady Hopkins, photographed by Lucille in Sag Harbor

“Give a gift of love, give a gift of meaning this holiday season.”  Every year, we scramble to find gifts for friends and family that all too often will be forgotten or left behind. Why not offer a gift that will last?  KDHamptons loves working with photographer Lucille Khornak, who is known in the tri-state area as The Portrait Specialist for her unique ability to bring out the best of each of her clients, and to produce the highest quality of prints, holiday cards, and personalized books.

KDHamptons has been a longtime friend of the brand, having experienced the energy of a Lucille Khornak shoot with my nephew Brady (see top photo & more HERE).  Photo sessions with Lucille can be scheduled at any time of the year.  Lucille shares, “Shoots on the beach bring an undeniably bright and warm feeling to the eyes and heart, so it’s no wonder so many clients book their holiday shoots in the summer. Many other clients prefer the setting of fall, so they book their shoots well in to the month of November for their special holiday gifts.”

Who is on your gift list for the upcoming holiday season? Grandparents? Aunts and Uncles? Your in-laws?  Everyone has been the recipient of wine, chocolates, and sweaters – be the one who brings more this year.  Lucille shares, “Be the one who gives the gift that offers the feeling of love, of warmth, and of joy. Quality photography stands the test of time.”

“I love shooting children because they are pure, natural, and real,” says Lucille. “Their movements and actions are all so transparent. Capturing those real moments is what makes my heart sing. When I am photographing an adult, I use my experience as a model, as well as a fashion and beauty photographer to make my subject look/feel beautiful. We all have beauty inside of us and I work to pull it out of them.”

Whatever you decide, whether it be a print, a card, or any number of our bespoke book offerings, Lucille Khornak Photography offers top tier concierge service when it comes to delivering your photography this season.  “No one does colour as well as we do, and we have some of the most skilled retouchers on our team to enhance your natural beauty,” says Lucille.  Packages begin at $3500, an investment in capturing the precious memories you’ll have to cherish for years to come.

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