KDHamptons Favorite NEW Entertaining Book: California Cooking & Southern Style, by Frances Schultz


So excited to share that my talented friend, tastemaker, journalist, design expert, and hostess extraordinaire, Frances Schultz’s has released a stunning new book, California Cooking & Southern Style, which officially launched last week! With an incredible eye for design and style, Frances offers up her expert tips on seasonal tabletop decor, home design and entertaining, food pairing and florals, outdoor living and style, and more.

Set on a ranch in the beautiful Southern California wine country, well-known writer, home decor/lifestyle expert, and hostess extraordinaire, Frances Schultz’s hospitality is no secret to the region and beyond. Her keen eye for entertaining and style sets the scene for incredible large-scale events, intimate gatherings, and everything in between. ​California Cooking & Southern Style​ gives readers an inside look at Schultz’s home, her heart, and offers up precious tips and tricks that can be used and loved by many for years to come.

Furthermore, the cooking of chef and recipe creator Stephanie Valentine is acclaimed by all who’ve sampled it, including Martha Stewart and Julia Child. Using fresh, seasonal ingredients and tested by everyday home cooks, the recipes are tried, true, do-able, and delicious. The marriage of food, home & style, and entertaining in Schultz’s latest masterpiece is one to greatly celebrate and enjoy.

When asked about the importance of setting the ambiance and focusing on tablescape and decor when entertaining, Schultz says, “First and foremost, it shows you’ve made an effort for your guests. You are honoring them with your hospitality, and they are honoring you with their presence. You want to make them feel special and with a pretty table and generous food and drink, you impart a generous spirit, inspiring the same in them. A moment of magic is created, however subtle, and the energy expands both in and among the group.”

Detailing her favorite decor and tabletop setting in the book, Schultz adds, “One of the most dramatic but simplest tables in the book involves a bunch of clear wine bottles and various small glass containers holding single branches or a few stems each. I used a plain white tablecloth and scattered petals all around it. It was so easy and simple, anyone could do it, but it was truly stunning.”

With a hundred-plus recipes, decor tips, and photographs, ​California Cooking and Southern Style​ will make your eyes dance, your guests grateful, and your home happy. California Cooking and Southern Style r​etails for $29.99 and is on sale on November 19th, 2019. The book will be available as a paperback as well as an e-Book.

California Cooking and Southern Style
100 Great Recipes, Inspired Menus, and Gorgeous Table Settings By Frances Schultz, Recipes by Stephanie Valentine
ISBN: 9781510740495

 More about the author: Frances Schultz​ is a contributing editor for ​House Beautiful​ magazine and regularly writes for ​Veranda and travel website ​Indagare.​ She has also written for the ​Wall Street Journal​ and ​Town & Country,​ and has been a guest on the ​Today Show​. She is author and co-author of several books on decoration, design, and entertaining, including ​Atlanta at Home​, ​Atlanta at Table, Ryan Gainey’s Well Set Table, Christopher Lowell’s The Hassle Free Host, Michelle Rago’s Signature Weddings, A House in the South, ​and the popular ​The Bee Cottage Story.