KDHamptons Exclusive Photo Diary: CBS Anchor Hunk Chris Wragge Conquers The Montauk Point Lighthouse Triathlon!




Think you are in the best shape this summer? KDH knows one Hamptonite who sure is~ Chris Wragge [top left]!


When he’s not busy co-anchoring New York’s CBS News at 6pm, you may find Chris poolside at his gorgeous new Bridgehampton home~ oh, and running triathlons too!! Last weekend Wragge competed in the 17th Annual Montauk Point Lighthouse Sprint Triathlon & Relay.


This USA TRIATHLON sanctioned fund raising event has grown to 550 participating athletes from near and far. The finish line is located at the Montauk Lighthouse, at the top of Turtle Hill. Family and friends gather to celebrate with the athletes as the excitement & competition surrounding the event grows every year…



Check out Chris’ great KDHamptons Diary leading up to the big race day below! :



KDHamptons:  How long did you train for the triathlon? What was the breakdown of swim, bike, run?

Chris Wragge: I always try to stay in as good a shape as possible: running, boot camp, Laurie Cole’s class at SoulCycle, but for these tri’s… I’m in the pool 2-3 times a week with a Triathlon trainer, Cooper Mann at EQ in Columbus Circle.  I don’t look forward to anything LESS! :(

Six weeks before the event, I ramp it up another notch~ Its like being waterboarded!


KDH:  Describe the conditions of the race?

CW: Here’s the breakdown: Just over .5 miles in water, 14mile bike,  and a 5k run… The water was choppy, the bike and run are ALL hills surrounding the Montauk Lighthouse!


KDH:  How did you feel the morning of the race? What time did you wake up? What did you eat?

CW: Got up at 3:45!  Met up with longtime best friend of 27 years, Mike Imparato, his bro-in-law, and college roommate.  I ate a bagel with peanut butter, Gatorade, a banana and I have my other fuels before and during race.



KDH:  What was the most difficult moment of the race for you?

CW: Toughest part? Actually, it’s the night before… I still get very nervous for this stuff… Like playing college football all over…. It’s an anxiety/fear I don’t recommend!! Sounds great, ay??



KDH:  Was there a highlight of the triathlon for you?

CW: YES! Getting out of the water!…For me, it’s the biggest hurdle… For this race, I never found a clear lane or a rhythm.. I was getting tossed about and knocked into quite a bit.


KDH:  What was your time and did you exceed your expectations?

CW: My time was 1:35 and change… Not as good as I would have liked… I’ve been battling a shoulder and calf injury, so I was pretty useless on the run portion… I limped for over 3 miles.


KDH:  Do you think you will  do it all over again?

CW: This was my 3rd tri in ten months, so the body may be telling me something!


KDH:  What did you eat for lunch after…how did you celebrate?

CW: I always “celebrate” with a massive stack of choc chip pancakes… This time at MTK in Montauk… Diane, the owner, is a doll who came over and proceeded to tell me how much more she prefers me “relaxed” then all “done up” for the news [below]…




KDH:  Sooo, tell us where do you get that cool outfit?

CW: The outfit is standard triathlon duds… I get them at SBR (swim, bike, run) in midtown Manhattan. The compression suit keeps everything where it should be under adverse conditions… If ya catch my drift!