KDHamptons Diary: Southampton Stunner Heather Mnuchin!




KDH recently caught up with gorgeous Heather Mnuchin: Southamptonite, mom to Emma, 10, and twins Dylan [girl] & JP [boy], 8, part-time yoga teacher, and wife of Steven Mnuchin. Although she lives in Los Angeles in the off-season, don’t let the long, blonde locks fool you……..Heather is a Hamptons girl at heart!


Check out her KDHamptons Diary below:


Heather shares, “I grew up coming out to Long Island. My grandmother’s house survived the Hurricane of 1938. I have so many great memories of riding my bike on Dune Road, and taking long beach walks with my sister and grandmother. My father still owns the house today; it is situated on the bay side of Dune Road and has the best, golden sunsets.”




KDHamptons: You now live in Los Angeles most of the year, do you have a set Hamptons schedule?


Heather Mnuchin: Before we moved to LA, we headed out to Southampton every weekend~ almost all year-round! Now that I live on the West Coast, we move back for the entire summer and I absolutely love it.



(image courtesy of Hamptons magazine)



KDHamptons: How would you describe your perfect day in the Hamptons?

Heather: My perfect Hamptons day starts with yoga with my teacher Erika Halweil, them maybe some tennis with the kids, lunch, then paddle boarding with my friend Tina. We paddle way out in the ocean or bay [depending on the waves and wind], then we lay down on our boards with our feet on each others so we don’t get separated and talk about life! Dinner at Cooper’s Beach, maybe the drive-in movie or concert at night and then to bed with 3 sets of sandy toes around me!







KDHamptons: Do you have a favorite Hamptons hamlet?

Heather: Well, I really love Southampton because most of my friends are there and if not, it is so easy to get to Westhampton Beach, Quogue, or the other way to Bridgehampton, Sag Harbor etc.



KDHamptons: Do you have a favorite Hamptons restaurant?

Heather: We love Red Bar, but the best, and most quiet restaurant during the summer is our own back yard ~ or that of a friends.




KDHamptons: Will you share a personal East End secret with KDH readers?

Heather: My best kept secret is Cor-J’s seafood in Quogue, just off the Ponquogue bridge. You see them clean the fish and pick your lobsters from the tank. It’s the real deal for fresh fish. Plus, that is an amazing bridge with great panoramic views of the bay.




KDHamptons: You have a stunning Southampton home. How would you describe your design style?

Heather: My house is my favorite place to be! My friend and decorator Tracy Bross and I shopped in LA for a lot of Moroccan and Indian pieces. It’s very casual and resort like. The style is very calm and comfortable.




KDHamptons: Do you have a favorite room in your house?

Heather: My favorite room is the kitchen because that is where we always congregate with friends; it’s also off the pool [see top photo] so we can be in and out very easily and keep and eye on the kids.



Actress Mariska Hargitay and Heather Mnuchin in a husband sandwich at a Theodora and Callum event last summer.



KDHamptons: Let’s talk summer style: Do you have a Hamptons “uniform”?

Heather: My uniform pretty much exists of yoga clothes, bathing suits and cover-ups. My summer shorts usually come from J Crew and pretty much everything else is Calypso or Gypsy. My shoes? Flip flops!





KDHamptons: Do you usually have a piece that becomes your summer fashion obsession?

Heather: My favorite sunglasses~ they are these crazy white Fendi glasses that I got in a gift bag. They are so big, they actually work! I just splurged on some gold Alexander McQueen sandals that have gummed skulls on them, and my first stop is Malia Mills when I get into town for some new bikinis.



KDHamptons: How do you carve out some “ME-TIME” in the summer?

Heather: ME TIME = yoga and paddle boarding, it doesn’t get better than that!





KDHamptons: What book are you currently reading?

Heather: I am reading “The Marriage Plot” by Jeffrey Eugenides who won the Pulitzer for Middlesex. My nightstand is so full! I just finished “Dreams of Joy” which is the follow up to “Shanghai Girls” and I LOVED it!