KDHamptons Design: Owner Patricia McGrath Shares What's In Store at Coastal Home



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East End Interior Designer Patricia McGrath is the owner of two iconic Hamptons home furnishings stores named Coastal Home, and Coastal Cottage, located in Bridgehampton and Shelter Island Heights, respectively.  “Our store brand is easy to characterize, we furnish homes that emphasize their proximity to the water.  We have new as well as custom furniture, beautiful artwork and art photography; both favorites of mine, and one of a kind vintage, ” shares Patricia. Thinking about a little redecorating project for summer? Patricia serves up the top Coastal Home trends in this NEW KDHamptons Design Diary, below:



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KDHamptons: How long have you been living in the Hamptons? Why do you love it so much?

Patricia McGrath: It is the quintessential coastal life – the air, the light, the ocean and bays – all so beautiful – and we get to live here!  That being said, it was the man who became my husband who got me out here from NYC, he had recently moved here and I fell in love with this place the first time I saw it – I just couldn’t believe how different it was from any other place.






Coastal Home


KDHamptons: How would you describe your store/ brand? What inspired you to launch it?

Patricia: What inspired me to open the stores was the idea of having a showroom for our design aesthetic and honestly I was filling up our two large barns and running out of space.  It was time to get these items revitalized and back out and on their way to new homes!


Coastal Home



Coastal Home



KDHamptons: Where do you acquire most of the pieces in your store? Are they mostly custom? 

Patricia: I am always on the lookout for items I love – wherever I am – whether new or old.  The vintage helps define our style – the eclectic mix found in a home that is filled with character.  Like us on Facebook to stay informed of upcoming events and summer sales.



Coastal home



KDHamptons: What are four things in store now that we need for our Hamptons home?

Patricia:  Here you go:

1.  A colorful rug− or three! We love both indoor/outdoor and natural materials in coastal blues or punchy brights.  Stripes are just happy.

2.  We have beautiful side tables and nite stands right now that I love constructed of softly colored glass tops with wood bases, lacquered pieces and marble to name a few.

3.  Art Photography, these images can be so moving. They can work in every home and feel so current.

4.  Every home should have a fragrant candle in a beautiful container – we have the Lafco brand that I love so much.  They are also the perfect hostess gift when you are invited to a Hamptons dinner party.



Ice blue armchairs



Coastal Home



Coastal Home



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KDHamptons: How would you describe your perfect Hamptons day?

Patricia: For me, it’s heading to the ocean early morning with as many of my family and extended family that is around, with an iced coffee!  The beach is basically empty until eleven and we are ready to leave by noon to split up for babies to nap, maybe a sail, or relax by the pool.  I love to top off the end of day with a beach barbecue at Long Beach with family and friends and watch the sun set.  What’s better than that?



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KDHamptons: If you could design a home for anyone in the world whom would you choose?

Patricia: That’s a hard one – not something I’ve thought about.  I so like the adventure of starting a project with each new client – it’s a very personal experience.  I love the process and the relationships that develop along the way.  But if I had to choose I imagine it would be great to do a house with say Tina Fey, or Jimmy Fallon.  Comedians that are so funny and seem to be so nice.  How fun would that be?



Coastal Home

Contact informaton: Patricia McGrath, Decorative Details Interior Design; 

Coastal Home: 2442 Montauk Hwy, Bridgehampton, NY 11932; (631) 613-6800, and 11 Grand Avenue – Shelter Island Heights