KDHamptons writer Amy Linnen with her long, blonde locks!

Living in the Hamptons is a beautiful dream, but a little known secret is that the seasonal environment here can be quite hard on your hair. Winters are cold and very dry, and summer sun and surf can cause breakage and play tricks with your color.  At KDHamptons we are always on the hunt for the latest, greatest new beauty launches, and tasked writer Amy Linnen (above) to put the fabulous new PHYTODEFRISANT hair care line to the test. PHYTO has created plant based botanical hair products for over 50 years, and the new line offers a simple, natural routine which hydrates and nourishes the hair fiber, saturating it in moisture to reduce porosity and envelop hair in a humidity-proof film. 

For smoothing action, the entire PHYTODEFRISANT line is formulated with Mallow extraction. Known for its softening and anti-inflammatory properties, its roots are rich in mucilage, making this extraction an interesting ingredient for PHYTO.

These natural polymers trap the water molecules in the formula and hydrate the hair fiber, thus reducing its hygroscopicity. Phyto’s signature for the past 50 years, the brand’s exclusive plant extractions replace the water in the formulas, making them 100% active. 


Enjoy smooth, hydrated tresses with this simple three-step routine:

  • Step 1: PHYTODEFRISANT Anti-Frizz Shampoo ($20.00) nourishes and naturally tames frizzy hair. This golden, round, and nourishing gel-textured oil gently cleans hair with a Taurate cleansing base, a coconut-derived surfactant that produces a generous foam – and easily rinses out. 

  • Step 2: PHYTODEFRISANT Anti-Frizz Blow-Dry Balm ($16.00) is your best ally at home for a professional-like blow-dry. Enriched in disciplining Botanical Complex and Guar Gum, this light, non-sticky and non-greasy formula with an invisible finish softens the hair fiber to facilitate and speed up the blow-drying and styling phases.

  • Step 3: PHYTODEFRISANT Anti-Frizz Touch Up Care ($27.00) is the first on-the-go smoothing brush for a perfect look and flawless results. Containing moisturizing Aloe Vera and vectorized Red Algae in a film-forming Tara gum, the formula works as a genuine shield against unruly frizz, humidity, and static electricity – leaving hair smooth and supple throughout the day.

After working out or when the air is humid, this on-the-go care allows to tame and smooth rebellious frizz daily. Its high precision brush dispenses an invisible gel on the fiber and envelops it in an anti-humidity and anti-static electricity shield.

Immediate results:
• 2x less frizz since the first use*
• Perfectly smooth, well-defined hairstyle
• Suppleness and shine

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-By Amy Linnen