KDH Party Pix: Annie Leibovitz Hosts A Book Party For Legendary Lensman [and Hamptonite!] Mark Abrahams!

Mark signed a book for me which now sits on a coffee table in my Hamptons home.


KDH was thrilled to recently attended the book party for my old friend [and fellow Hamptonite] Mark Abrahams. During my years spent as a magazine editor at Condé Nast publications, Mark and I jetted around the world on photo shoots which produced some of my favorite photographs from my career. Whether Julianne Moore, Britney Spears, or Claudia Schiffer were on our set, Mark always had the capacity to pull something authentic, raw and unexpected out of his subjects. In his first eponymous tome [published by Damiani], Mark shares a volume of his favorite photographs that are equally breathtaking, haunting, and beautiful. Fellow photographer and close friend Annie Leibovitz encouraged Mark to publish the book, and hosted the party in her amazing studio in the West Village. Annie describes Mark’s work perfectly saying, “Mark’s photos turn celebrities into people.” I loved how the flawless, giant prints were organically hung on the walls with exposed tape and without frames~ what an exquisite show! Congratulations Mark…

See my party pix below:

Prolific photographers Mark Abrahams and Annie Leibovitz
Viggo, Heath, Charlize...the dramatic portraits in the book manage to showcase Hollywood's biggest stars in a vulnerable, authentic way.
James Franco


Check out Mark Abraham’s impressive publisher’s bio:
“One of the foremost fashion and magazine cover photographers of the past two decades, American photographer Mark Abrahams has straddled the gap between fashion and celebrity portraiture with guileless simplicity and exacting care. A self-taught photographer, Abrahams portrays his subjects with an introspective depth and candor. His subjects run the gamut of the A-list: Julianne Moore, George Clooney, James Franco, Dakota Fanning, Ashley Olsen, Dennis Hopper, Roberto Bolle, Evander Holyfield, Kate Winslet, Justin Timberlake, Tom Hanks, Rachel Weisz and countless others. This volume provides a dazzling parade of the glitterati under Abrahams’ lens, devoid of affectation or artifice. Abrahams is donating his portion of the proceeds from this book to benefit Hope For Haiti Now. Mark Abrahams was born in 1958 in Santa Ana, California. The gift of a Nikon FM from his mother ignited his passion for photography. Working as a truck driver by day, Abrahams transformed his tiny bathroom into a functioning darkroom to develop film, retouch negatives and manipulate surfaces at night. Against all odds, in the early 1990s Abrahams found himself shooting iconic musicians, jetting to Milan with supermodels and landing editorial shoots with L’Uomo Vogue, Deutsch Vogue, Glamour and GQ.”  [To purchase the book: Mark Abrahams, please go to amazon.com]


(clockwise from top left) Gwyneth Patrow, Jennifer Connelly, Samantha Morton, and Audrey Tautou


KDH and Rita Schrager
Rita put it perfectly saying the party looked like a scene out of Sex and the City.
Mark's gorgeous wife Alexis and their beautiful daughter Grace (pictured center) on a sleepy Hamptons morning...
There aren't many stars who haven't sat in front of Mark's lens...
Courtney Love and Scott Lipps of the hot new model search show, "Scouted" came to support Mark.