Hydro Shred: Welcome To The Best Water Workout!


Let’s face it: we ALL want to look our physical best and be our healthiest, especially during the pandemic.  The problem isn’t the motivation, but the discipline. “No pain, no gain” is the common mantra, and pain, or workout “burn,” is enough of a detractor for most of us to grab those heavy weights, or run those endless miles.  You can lose weight, increase tone, and build lean muscle mass without weights, pain, sweat, or that dreaded “burn” through most fun you can have in the water – with Hydro Shred.

Hydro Shred inventor, David W Litwin shares, “I dramatically increased my physical and cardio strength, lost my gut, and added twenty-five pounds of lean muscle mass – in less than two months – without lifting a single weight, hitting the gym, or taking any supplements. I simply played around in my pool.” David developed the Hydro Shred Extreme Aqua Fitness Exercise Program and specialized Resistance Board.  This is a full-on, super intense, but-still-low-impact 18-exercise program designed to maximize strength, weight loss, cardio growth, and core development – all at the same time. (Note: additional exercises released every week)

“In water, you can accomplish more than traditional weightlifting. Imagine lifting thirty-pound dumbbells while running on the treadmill at speed level six! In 3.5 to 5 feet of water, you can push your body beyond all normal levels, maxing out your body’s ability safely, without pain,” shares David.  “The feeling is magical, like playing in the water as you did when you were a kid, only you see visible, transformative results often quicker than any traditional workout program.” David recommends his “30 Day Transformation Challenge” – a daily blitzkrieg for the body.

The Hydro Shred Resistance Board is maximized for that level of transformation, crafted to perfect size, buoyancy, thickness, hand holds, specialized inserts for added resistance, etc. Most amazing, when your muscles are under water, you feel almost no “burn” or pain. This allows you to push past any normal threshold, safely, for each set of the exercise, and exert the same amount of intensity twenty seconds later during the next set.

In addition, your water level works as your own strength amplifier. What becomes easier at one depth, as strength develops quickly, becomes incredibly more challenging even a couple of inches deeper in the water. Bottom line, if you want to lose weight, tone, increase cardio, or even gain lean muscle mass faster than you ever imagined possible, this may just be the most fun, and least painful way to do it. How’s that for motivation?   The Hydro Shred Board and Exercise Program can be seen and purchased at hydro-shred.com