How To Book A Great Photographer For The Best Kids Pix: Call JellyBean!

Some times the best photos are taken when kids have no idea!
Pick a solid color palette for the kids outfits
Book a shoot at home with JellyBean to record babys first days..
Photo shoots are best in morning and late afternoon light
Get dolled up and hit the beach for a family photo

Want to capture your kids’ best beach moments this summer? Never say ‘Cheese!’” and book a photo shoot with JellyBean Pictures!

Who doesn’t long for memorable family photos on a sun drenched Hamptons beach? Sounds easy, but then your i-phone keeps flashing too bright, the kids refuse to look at the camera, and when you ask the blanket goer next to you to take a photo, they crop your head off. KDH has the fix so you don’t miss out on capturing summer best moments. Fabulous children’s photographer Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman will be available in Southampton, August 25th and 26th, for 30-minute “mini shoots.” The early morning and “golden hour” [evening] sessions at Flying Point Beach will bring out the natural light candids Jennifer is known for. “You also have to be real with kids, they sniff out the fake a mile a way,” says Jennifer who builds a rapport with tiny tots before getting on her knees to “shoot on their level.” Another secret to her success: “When I show the kids pictures of themselves not smiling, they want to smile for the next shots. Oh, and I never say ‘Cheese.’ That leads to phony grins.”

Remembering your summer in the Hamptons with a gorgeous album of your little ones? Priceless!

*Mini-shoot packages start at $575. To book a session or learn about NYC shoot availabilities, contact Jennifer at