Nestled between the walls of the Upper East side Mark Hotel, lays Caviar Kaspia. With warm lighting, unique wall art, and deliciously chic food, this is the ultimate spot for a New York City date. KDHamptons has all of the fabulous details on Caviar Kaspia below…

The Mark Hotel is housed in a beautiful 1920’s landmark building at the corner of 77th Street and Madison Avenue right in the heart of NYC’s Upper East Side. The Mark Hotel harmonizes old-world comfort, avant-garde design, and an unprecedented level of personal service to create one of the finest five-star-hotels in the world. The Mark is a beacon of high French style and modern American comfort.

Inside the Mark Hotel sits Caviar Kaspia; the ultimate Manhattan date spot. The Mark prides itself on bringing authentic French flare to the heart of Manhattan, which makes the storied Parisian establishment a perfect addition to the marks repertoire of unparalleled offerings. 1927 not only signifies the year that the Marks’ landmark structure was built, but it marks the same year that spawned the first location of Caviar Kaspia in 20th century Paris, where the ‘Art of Caviar’ was born.

KDHamptons Writers Nicole Vawter and Emmanuella Panepinto pictured above at Caviar Kaspia.

Caviar Casasia at the Mark, is the first of its kind designed by the visionary Jacques Grange. Embodying the DNA of the famously chic Parisian restaurant with the same inviting atmosphere and ambience, Caviar Casasia at the Mark evokes old world elegance and charm. Credited as the mastermind behind the Marks’ boldly lavish style, Jaqcques Grange, harmonizes French sophistication with New York sensibilities, selecting caviar Kaspia’s familiar blue tablecloth, emerald green mohair banquets, wood panel walls, and a sculptured Belgian black marble bar to transform the space.

The restaurant serves an exceptional menu of signature dishes, which are perfectly complemented by the finest selection of caviars. The menu features restaurant favorites such as the legendary twice baked potato topped with caviar, blinis with smoked salmon, bottarga, vegetarian caviar made from liquefied truffle, eggs with caviar, pasta with caviar and many other delectable delicacies. Everything on the menu perfectly pairs with a glass of champagne or shot of vodka. Caviar Kaspia offers eight different types of caviar, spanning multiple regions around the world and expanding various taste profiles.

The Mark Hotel also recently unveiled the Mark Chalet by Jean-Georges. The hotel has transformed the outdoor dining tents on Madison Avenue into a sleek ski lodge, complete with wood paneling, gingham accents and fondue sets, where guests can enjoy a range of Alpine inspired delicacies, including ‘The Chalet Fondue.’
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Written by Nicole Vawter
Images: Emmanuella Panepinto and The Mark Hotel