Hamptons Nutritionist Charlotte LaGuardia Shares Top Tips For The Healthiest Fish: OSHEN Salmon


We are in the height of a happy Hamptons summer, and what better way to feel your best with healthy recipes and clean eating? After the most recent KDHamptons party, featuring freshly delivered, ocean caught salmon from Oshēn Salmon and a visit from the CaviAIR Car, our in house nutritionist and contributing writer, Charlotte Laguardia, sheds light on why, exactly, salmon is the perfect fish for the summer. Not only does it taste delicious and make for a colorful focal point of a dish, this fresh meal option boasts several healthy benefits.

Charlotte Laguardia’s love for food blossomed at a young age, as this East End native grew up surrounded by nutrient dense food and drink supplied by small farms, local wineries, and of course, the ocean. So, let’s hear what she has to say! For more info on Oshēn including healthy recipes visit here and use KDHamptons promo code for a discount on your order :).

Charlotte’s Favorite Nutrition Facts On Salmon:

  1. Salmon contains anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats, which support neurological function. Consuming fatty fish, like salmon, 3x per week, can increase memory, improve mood, and support healthy skin, hair, and nail production.
  2. Salmon is also high in protein, a macronutrient, which helps to keep you feeling full and reduces sugar cravings late at night..
  3. Salmon also contains astaxanthin, a carotenoid or antioxidant that gives salmon its orange/red color. Astaxanthin has been shown to reduce inflammation, protect the brain, and reduce skin damage from UV rays.
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— Compiled by Emmy Sammons