Got The Winter Beauty Blues? Dr. Elliot Weiss Of The Laser & Skin Surgery Center In Southampton Can Help You Go From Drab To Fab.....



Dr. Elliot Weiss

Got the Winter Beauty Blues? KDHamptons has got the cure! We caught up with Southampton’s Cosmetic guru Dr. Elliot Weiss to discuss how Hamptonites can go from looking drab to fab [okay, with a little help!]. Dr. Weiss, a Harvard and Johns Hopkins trained Board Certified Dermatologist, staffs the gorgeous Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York’s Southampton office. His mastery of laser surgery and artful use of injectables has already created quite a long list of devoted East End beauties clamoring to get an appointment.

Dr. Weiss shares, “The winter months are actually a great time to focus on your cosmetic concerns.  Typically, our social calendars are a little more open, and the skin has lost its summer glow, making it ideal for laser treatments.  Stubborn red vessels or sunspots can safely be removed with laser treatments, and dull, wrinkled or sundamaged skin can be rejuvenated with laser resurfacing.  It’s also a perfect time to treat that unwanted hair or tattoo so you can kick off summer 2012 looking your very best. And, of course, don’t forget a little Botox or dermal filler to smooth those lines and give your face a natural youthful look.”



“Our skin is our body’s first line of defense against the elements, so during the harsh winter months its essential to moisturize and protect against dry, irritated skin.  The outside air is cold, windy and dry, and inside, the air is warm and dry.   Moisturizing the face and body after showering helps maintain the proper moisture balance and supports healthy looking skin.  Many cosmetic products are not tolerated as well during the winter months, so decrease usage at the first sign of irritation. Don’t forget lip protection to prevent chapped, red lips,” says Dr. Weiss.

UV rays are present throughout the year, so sun protection is key even during the winter months.  Wearing an everyday moisturizer with a good SPF is the easiest way to ensure that you are protecting your skin at all times.  Sunscreen and protective clothing are particularly important during those ski getaways or tropical vacations.  The daily moisturizer with SPF that I prefer and that we carry in my office is ELTA MD UV Clear.



With the holidays and feasts behind us and New Year’s Resolutions in place, the Battle of the Bulge has begun for many of us.  The winter months are the ideal time to get working on those problem areas and to get back in shape for swimsuit season.  In addition to good old-fashion diet and exercise, there is a new weapon to fight against unwanted fat.  Coolsculpting by Zeltiq is a new, cutting-edge technology that effectively targets stubborn fat on the abdomen, flanks, love handles and thighs.  This totally non-invasive procedure consistently reduces fat deposits while you sit and relax in the office.  During the hour long treatment, the device freezes the fat cells without harming the skin, and the result is a gradual reduction in the fat layer over a 2-4 month period. WOW! Check out these before and after shots Dr. Weiss shared below:

Dr. Weiss patient before Coolsculpting (image copyrighted, property of Elliot Weiss MD and Laser and SKin Surgery Center of New York)
After Cool Sculpting (image copyrighted, property of Elliot Weiss MD and Laser and SKin Surgery Center of New York)

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