Winter can prove to be a challenging time for keeping skin aglow which is why KDHampton’s NYC writer, @brittany_eger visited ABOSOYOKI studio for a much needed facial reset. Overlooking Manhattan’s Madison Park, ABOSOYOKI studio provides a private and completely customized treatment experience. The founder, Soyoki Abo is a licensed aesthetician and certified beautician who was inspired by her grandmother’s natural beauty remedies while growing up in Japan. Soyoki welcomed Brittany in for a personalized facial that left her skin feeling hydrated and renewed.

Founder of ABOSOYOKI, Soyoki Abo

At ABOSOYOKI, the elements included in each facial experience are determined by the individual’s skin needs or concerns. For Brittany, brightening dull skin (due to a few glasses of wine the night before) and to focusing on anti-aging benefits were at the top of her list. After thoroughly examining Brittany’s skin, Soyoki recommended the Microcurrent treatment to achieve these results.

The Microcurrent Treatment ($80 when added on to the Personalized Facial) is a professional and non-surgical way to reduce wrinkles and tighten skin, and is FDA cleared and safe to use on all skin types. It boosts ATP, elastin and collagen production. It also helps to reduce Inflammation, scar tissue and edema, while improving skin texture.

Throughout the treatment, Soyoki massaged Brittany’s skin and applied hydrating products to enhance it’s glow. Following the facial, Brittany’s face was visibly brighter and firmer. The appearance of fine lines were also minimized.

When asked what her best tips are for keeping skin glowing and healthy between facials, Soyoki says:
 1) Drinking plenty of water is extremely important to keep the skin plump and hydrated.
2) Changing up your products based on your skin’s needs; listen to your skin and customize your day-to-day routine accordingly.
3) If you aren’t seeing the results you want or have concerns, always consult a professional for advice.
Founder of ABOSOYOKI, Soyoki Abo

ABOSOYOKI is founded on the ideals that every person should feel confident, beautiful, and empowered in their own skin. With industry-leading tools and expertly developed treatments, ABOSOYOKI is a great option for anyone living in the NYC area. Additional services offered include, Eyelash Extensions, Deramplaning, Eyebrow Microblading, Microneedling/ Nanoneedling and more. To make an appointment, visit:

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-by, KDHampton’s NYC writer, Brittany Eger

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