Get Your Golden Glow at Home: The Best Bronze Sunless Self-Tanning Spray


We haven’t seen much sun yet this Spring here in the Hamptons, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sunkissed glow—KDHamptons has found a safe, sunless tanner we love and is so easy to apply yourself.

Meet Best Bronze Sunless Self-Tanning Spray.  This sunshine in a bottle and is what Best Bronze calls “a modern method of self-tanning”.  Orange streaks are now a thing of the past.  Best Bronze touts an even tan, without exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays.  But the best part—Best Bronze helps to define your toned muscles (all that hard work at the gym) at the same time it disguises cellulite, those tricky spider veins and stretch marks.

Heading to the beach?  Best Bronze is water resistant and it won’t rub off onto your towel, clothes or sheets.  Last minute tanning is fine, because this tanner fully develops within 3 hours.  Plan on keeping that natural golden color for 7-12 days after application (way longer than other tanners).

Best Bronze was developed and produced in Brazil, (where tan is – life). It comes as no surprise that Best Bronze is a favorite among Brazilian models, celebrities and influencers (and now you!).  If you are feeling like adding extra shine, try their LUMINATE Sexy Body Shimmer Spray.

Happy tanning!