Get Art Smart: Exhibition A Makes It Sound Easy!


Exhibition A is a members-only website that offers exclusive editions of artwork by prominent contemporary artists for $100 to $500. Founded by gallery owner Bill Powers, his designer wife Cynthia Rowley, and entrepreneur Laura Martin, Exhibition A aims to foster the next generation of collectors. The site offers affordable entry points for anyone starting an art collection. Cynthia says that “collecting art is actually easy, an investment, and addictive [in a good way].

The cool Capri Hotel in Southampton will be featuring Exhibition A art in it’s lobby this season, including: Mondrian Pug by Jessica Craig-Martin, Your Self-Portrait by Kim Gordon [of Sonic Youth fame], and Der Bodensee by Richard Phillips.

Tip for KDH readers who live further east: No need to battle the traffic to Southampton- Exhibition A exclusive editions will also be sold at the new Cynthia Rowley boutique in Montauk as well!

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