It's Hamptons Wedding Season: Luxury Event Designer Angelo Garini Shares Secrets Behind the Perfect Party


Everyone loves a beautiful wedding.  From the bucolic setting and fresh flowers, to the perfect music and scrumptious bites, the big day often leaves us with a tear in the eye. But just what makes a wedding extra special?  We asked celebrity event designer and artist, Angelo Garini [below] to reveal some of his secrets to creating the perfect party.

“My job is none other than the concrete expression of what I have always breathed and loved:  A passion for design, art, collecting and antiques.” says the Italian-born and -bred Garini, who has planned parties and weddings around the world for public figures such as Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York; Naomi Campbell, and David Guetta. “My grandfather was a great architect in the 1900’s, so I inherited his passion for design.”

Taking inspiration from art and history, Garini creates celebrations that could have taken place centuries ago.  From the splendor of a Renaissance dinner, to a Venetian palace, a garden party in Capri, or a French chateau, Angelo says he is an “architect of people’s dreams.”


KDHamptons:  What makes a Garini Wedding so special?

Angelo Garini (AG):  Creativity is number one.  It all stems from there.  Then a taste for refined dining and a love of flowers, which I got from the teachings of my grandmother, an elegant and modern woman with whom I have fond memories of time spent painting, cutting and pasting.

Garini Wedding in Umbria

KDHamptons:  Please share some of the details of the scenes you create?

AG:  I depict a wedding as a great premiere.  Gorgeous flowers are essential to all of our events, and we present them in traditional but creative ways.  The designs and decorations come next and fit the setting perfectly and historically.  Tabletop design is so important because that’s where guests will sit and share a meal.  Next is the music and entertainment, which people always look forward to.  And finally, the food of course.  As an Italian, this is most important, and we present the best cuisine in the most exclusive locations.

KDHamptons:  Where do most of your events take place?

AG:  When choosing the perfect location for an event, you want to select somewhere no one has been before.  That’s what adds to the intrigue and drama of the party.  We have insider access to noble mansions, historical buildings, private estates, and refined lofts that many people may not know about.  Our exclusive weddings and events have taken place all over Europe, especially France and Italy, as well as Denmark, Russia, China, Ibiza, South America, Singapore and Dubai.  We are happy to travel anywhere a client desires, including the Hamptons!


garini alter“Elegance is a trademark to all of our events,” says Angelo Garini, who appeared live as the celebrity wedding expert for the wedding of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge, and was a special guest at the nuptials of Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene, Princess of Monaco.

FullSizeRender_5Garini is famous for his elaborate bespoke cakes.  Buonissimo!

garini empty alterA popular figure on television, Garini’s program, “Wedding Planner,” is shown on Real Time in Italy since 2005.  He has also appeared on “Verissimio,” “Mattino 5,” and “Domenica In.”

KDHamptons:  Tell us about your magazine. (Garini is the editor of Immagina.)

AG:  Immagina is all about “Garini Style”, and focuses on wedding and event trends, suggestions and ideas, from the preparation of the celebration, the table, home design and artistic approach.  It comes out twice a year and is available through subscription and at exclusive 5-star hotels, private clubs and Italian embassies.


FullSizeRenderPicture-perfect view from Villa Garini, the maestro’s “kingdom”, on Lago di Maggiore in Italy.

A beautiful dinner by the water at Garini’s home on Lake Maggiore, north of Milano.

Garini Immagina has offices in Milan and Paris.  Website:  Garini-Immagina Milano
Phone:  +39 347 2417978;
Instagram: @angelogarini ; Facebook:  Angelo Garini