FreshDirect Delicious Gifts for Stockings, Aspiring Chefs, & More!


As the holiday season draws near, FreshDirect understands the importance of sharing warmth, joy, and delicious food with loved ones. Make the holidays extra special with an array of delectable offerings that bring people together. Below is a peek of their coveted holiday selection that will add some flavor to your holiday celebrations…

Here’s a few seasonal items available for a limited time that you don’t want to miss…

Vergani’s Pistachio Panettone (Gluten Free!) is a dessert unlike any other. The quality is undeniable, as Vergani still crafts their baked goods in Milan itself, as they have since 1944. This holiday delight is the perfect gift for any Italian-food lovers in your life. You can also buy the classic Vergani Traditional Milano Panettone Box at FreshDirect, here.

The Francois Doucet Advent Calendar is another beautiful, and delicious, way to count the days before Christmas. These chocolate treats and fruit jellies are melt-in-your-mouth perfection. Francois Doucet has been manufacturing the finest gourmet confectionary products since 1969, using passed-down recipes and techniques paired with only the best quality and traceable raw materials.

Available now! Lambertz Contrella Gingerbread Cookies are the perfect holiday dessert for your own dessert table, or as a host gift to your friend’s holiday party. These soft, brown gingerbread cookies, first glazed, then dipped in chocolate, are a fresh take on the classic holiday cookie.

  1. The Dresden Stollen is a classic among Christmas cakes. Exquisite ingredients such as butter, sultanas and high-quality spices are the basis of the Dresden stollen. The tradition of baking tunnels goes back to the 15th century. Today the Dresden Christstollen are marked with the golden Stollenreiter, the seal of the Stollenenschutzverband. This seal stands for the highest quality and an old baking tradition.
  1. Olio Novello is a type of olive oil produced from the initial olives gathered at the beginning of the harvest season. These early-harvest olives are swiftly pressed and undergo processing for only a brief period, typically no more than a few days to a few weeks, before being made available. This results in an olive oil with unparalleled freshness, boasting vibrant and robust flavors. It is widely regarded as some of the finest olive oil in the world, and due to its limited availability, it makes the perfect gift for your food-obsessed friends and family members.

STOCKING STUFFERS:  While the practice of placing oranges in Christmas stockings has evolved over time, it continues to be a beloved tradition in many households, reminding people of the spirit of generosity, the joy of gift-giving, and the symbolism of abundance and good luck during the holiday season. Family Tree Farms has spent generations breeding and curating the world’s most flavorful fruit. Their delicious satsumas are a perfect example of their flavor-forward approach to farming, offering just the right amount of citrusy sweetness with a touch of tart.

Moka Origins’ high-quality drinking chocolate makes a great gift for those obsessed with festive flavors. Their delicious peppermint drinking chocolate is like hot cocoa, but better! Moka’s Drinking Chocolate is made using their real, hand-crafted chocolate which they grind into decadent bits that you can use to make a delicious, creamy, and satisfying chocolate drink. The Peppermint flavor is pure dark chocolate infused with organic peppermint oil. Get into the spirit of the season as you curl up by the fireplace and sip on this festive drink.

Île de re Chocolats, or the unique French custom of milk chocolate “sardines”, are a fun twist on the holiday traditions you know and love. Each “sardine” is individually wrapped, and makes a fun surprise in your loved ones’ stockings!

François Doucet Classic Pâtes de Fruits, or fruit jellies, are a traditional delicacy during the holiday season. The Classic assortment of François Doucet pâtes de fruits are made with five different flavors: apricot, pear, passion fruit, cherry, and strawberry. From the heart of the Provence orchards, this world-famous confectioner was founded by François and Maggy Doucet 50 years ago.


href=”″>Italian Fresh Cheese Making Kit: Make  the richest,creamiest cheeses- mozzarella, burrata, ricotta, and mascarpone- in the comfort of your own kitchen. This kit provides all the necessary equipment and ingredients; you supply the milk.

Jelly Doughnut Making Kit: Delicately puffed, dusted with sugar, and filled with your favorite jelly, these homemade jelly doughnuts are easy to make and even easier to enjoy. The Jelly Doughnut Making Kit includes a stainless-steel pastry tip and piping bag perfectly sized to fill freshly made doughnuts with your choice of jelly for the ultimate fruit-filled doughnut of your dreams.

  1. Sourdough Bread Making Kit:Make perfect, golden-brown sourdough bread at home with our complete  Sourdough Bread Making Kit.  It has all the specialized equipment you need for easy, professional-quality loaves.Everything Bagel Making Kit:Make a dozen everything bagels and homemade cream cheese for the whole family with this all-in-one package.  Rope, loop, and boil bagels from scratch and enjoy them with homemade cream cheese, bringing the NYC classic right to your kitchen.  It’s part cheese-making kit, part baking kit, and all delicious!
  2. Photographed by John J Kelly III