KDHamptons is loving a fun new brand called Lemonbella, a women owned business located in Clarence, New York. Founded by co-owners Angelina & Faye whose friendship began over 10 years ago at the hockey rink as your youngest sons began playing together. “We became first friends and true hockey moms. Our families developed a lifelong family friendship and during the pandemic, we became dynamic business partners in 2020.” ¬†Here are my Five Favorite Lemonbella pieces I recently ¬†took on my trip to my favorite fitness spa in Mexico, Rancho La Puerta.
An oversized tote, beauty bag, cute hat, water bottle holder, and cozy sweatshirt all made my trip to Mexico.
Angelina, a former teacher who developed a love for fashion in her teenage years while working at a local department store, and Faye with 25 years plus sales experience, combined their entrepreneurial spirit to develop a signature line called Lemonbella. Family is everything to both Angelina & Faye often including their spouses and children in the business with everything from packaging, ideas, modeling to the naming of many of their products which are named after daughters and nieces. It’s a true family affair!
Find all of your perfect summer bags, hats, and accessories at Lemonbella. Shop the full collection visit HERE.