How To Find Love in the Hamptons in 2018


New Years resolutions typically include getting healthy, working out, and finding love.  The first two objectives are easy to attack in the Hamptons. We have myriad trainers, gyms, classes, and wellness experts that will get you on the right track STAT!  Finding love on the East End, however, is a trickier task.  Mother/daughter matchmaking icons Janis and Carly Spindel (below) share their top SEVEN TIPS for Hamptons singles on how to meet your perfect match in 2018.

 These ladies know what they are talking about. Janis Spindel is responsible for over 3,000 marriages, and Carly has introduced 110 happily married couples. Janis shares, “What single people in the Hamptons need to remember is that they have to widen their net. Married people have the best single friends, so even if someone at a bar has on a wedding band, start a conversation with them. All you have to do is smile and say hello. Let people know you are single and open to meeting new people. Finding love takes a little bit of time and a whole lot of patience. Luckily, the Hamptons is filled with incredible people.”


1. Have an inclusive dinner party
Everyone loves to dine – especially in the off season. Invite a core group of friends and have them each a bring a member of the opposite sex. This is an easy way to expand your social circles and meet new people. Someone’s ex could be your next and someone’s trash could be your treasure. If you invite six people and they each bring one person, you now have a twelve person dinner party. If you enjoy cooking, the dinner party can be at your home. If not, pick your favorite restaurant and make a reservation. What could be better than good food, delicious wine, and delightful company?

2. Work it out
Have you ever been to the Sag Harbor Gym? I go every weekend. There are tons of men and women exercising and everyone is really gregarious. The gym is a great place to meet someone special. Everyone who exercises is likely to be a happy person. When you’re getting your sweat on, your endorphins are going and it’s the perfect chance to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right. Have a positive attitude and approach anyone you find attractive. Yoga Shanti (owner Colleen Saidman above) in Sag Harbor has quite a few men that take classes there as well. Flywheel and Soulcycle are crazy busy in the off season. Kill two birds by getting in great shape and meeting new people.

3. Get your wine on
Wolffer Estate is a magical place. I got married there so I’m a little biased. But even if you didn’t have the wedding of your dreams there, it’s still a gorgeous vineyard. During the day, especially on a snowy day, Wolffer gets a fantastic crowd. Men and women appreciate a good glass of wine and flock to Wolffer for the day. Grab a few friends and be as social as you can. Making new friends leads to possible love connections.

4. Try a new restaurant
Bobby Vans and The Palm are packed even in the off season. The bar is known to be quite popular – especially on the weekends. When you’re single, you have to be as proactive as possible. Think of every place you go as an opportunity to meet the person of your dreams. Put a smile on your face and introduce yourself to every man and woman you see. Even if someone is off the market or not your type, their best friend could be the love of your life.

5. Pick up a hobby
When you get out of your comfort zone, excellent things happen. Try a new hobby that has been on your list for a while. 2018 is the time to make things happen. Whether it’s joining a hiking Meet Up, rowing at East End Row, or spending an afternoon at Montauk Brewing Company, you’re sure to meet new people!

6. Head to a Golden Pear
The Golden Pear gets quite a group in the mornings. Whenever I’ve sat at the Sag Harbor location, it reminds me a little bit of a club. Everyone is super friendly and it’s a busy hangout. The regulars will ask you how your day is going and who knows who their single friends are. As long as your mentality is positive and approachable, people will want to start talking to you. Remember, what you portray is what you attract.

7. Join a congregation
Even if you aren’t very religious, a church or a temple is a nice place to meet your new significant other. The Jewish Center of the Hamptons and the Most Holy Trinity Parish both have a lot of members. When I’ve been to Temple in the Hamptons, everyone was overly outgoing and couldn’t wait to introduce themselves. In a place of worship, people are always going to be friendly. Once they find out that you’re single, they’ll be eager to set you up.

Carly adds, “Remember, dating is all about your attitude. If you are a great person and fun to be around, people will want to date you. Happy dating!” Are you ready for love? Contact Carly Spindel Rochkind and Janis Spindel at 212-987-1582, or for more info go to