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MINI Convertible



KDHamptons is super excited to fill you in on this special offer created by our friends at BMW, AUDI, MINI and PORSCHE of Southampton!


WOW! KDHamptons readers can receive $500 off a new BMW, AUDI, MINI or $1000 off a new PORSCHE!


**This offer is good until March 30! All you need to do is print this story out, and present it after you’ve negotiated your BEST deal to save $500 to $1000! Some restrictions may apply. Take advantage of this KDHamptons offer, car profit margins are very low these days and this is a significant discount!



Porsche Boxster



KDH talked to Jay Decker, manager of all 4 dealerships: BMW, AUDI, PORSCHE and MINI of Southampton, to find out what makes Porsche & MINI the two MUST-HAVE Hamptons cars of the moment below:



KDHamptons: What makes the MINI such a hot Hamptons car?

Jay Decker: The MINI is a hot car because it’s so much fun! Plus, you can always find a parking spot. It’s super fuel efficient. It’s got BMW engineering. In the Hamptons, many people buy it as a second, third, or even fourth vehicle. A lot of contractors use the MINI to get from one job site to another because it’s so fuel efficient. Another plus? The MINI is totally customizable/youifiable. CHECK OUT MINI’S NEW SHOWROOM – The largest MINI Showroom on Long Island!



KDHamptons: Please share how the pricing breaks down for the MINI?

Jay: We make 3 types of MINI. Here are the base prices:

MINI HARD TOP: $19,700
*We make an all wheel drive – great in snow, $27,300



KDH: What kind of Hamptonite drives a Porsche? What’s the profile?

Jay: Porsche is a performance vehicle. Of course, it’s a status symbol, too. These cars are for people who love to drive. Who love design. Doctors, attorneys, bankers and driving enthusiasts LOVE the Porsche. Boxsters are popular with young Wall Streeters.





KDH: What do you personally think is the most exciting feature about each Porsche?

Jay: Okay, here is how I would break it down:

Panamera: Power and performance of a Porsche sports car with the comfort of a sedan.

911 Carrera: The quintessential Porsche

Cayenne: On road or off road the most versatile vehicle produced by Porsche

Boxster: Porsche performance in a classic roadster design.



KDH: Sooooo……Do real macho men drive MINIS?

Jay: All men like to drive MINIS.





KDH: Which color cars are the most popular in the Hamptons?

Jay: Silver + Black



KDH: If a MINI and a Porsche could personify a Hamptons town, which town would they be?

Jay: I would say that a MINI would be Sag Harbor, and a Porsche, East Hampton!





KDH: Can you please break down the pricing and highlights  for a Porsche?

Jay: Sure….

Panamera: $78,825
300 hp @ 6,200 rpm
0-60 mph: 6.0 s
Top Track Speed: 160 mph
Consumption (Highway): 27 mpg

911 Carrera: $85,250
350 hp @ 7,400 rpm
0-60 mph: 4.6 s
Top Track Speed: 179 mph
Consumption (Highway): 27 mpg

Cayenne: $52,825
300 hp @ 6,300 rpm
0-60 mph: 7.1 s
Top Track Speed: 142 mph

Boxster: $50,450
265@6700 rpm
0-60mph 5.5.s
Top Track Speed 164 mph



Porsche Panamera



KDH: Please let KDHamptons readers know about the special discount you are offering?

Jay: KDHamptons readers save $1000 off all Porsche prices, and $500 off MINI prices!



***This offer expires 3/31, so get in gear and pop in to see Jay Decker, manager of all 4 dealerships: BMW, AUDI, PORSCHE and MINI of Southampton.




MINI has a fantastic NEW showroom [the largest MINI Showroom on LI]
35 Montauk Highway, Southampton
(877) 224-6713
* ask for manager BIG JIM REISTER  who is 6’9″ and drives a MINI!!

Porsche of Southampton
705 County Road 39A